Thursday, December 12, 2013

Instant Message - pt 2

I sat in the lobby to read the message that had come through - and to see who else might be 'near by', since I was in the exit of a billion airport hotels. SOMETHING had to be around.

As it turns out, there were a few around, but mostly not in a room.  ...except the one who had messaged me.

Again - another one where I'm thinking, 'I'm flattered, but why me?'

31. maybe 5'10", 180. ...and in military dress. No military drag - like a costume party. This guy was the real thing. As it would turn out, he was a Marine.


But he wanted a blowjob and well, I wanted to give him one.

His hotel was less than half a mile away, and I found it and his room with no problem. Like the ginger, he left his door unlocked for me to walk in. Like the ginger he was on his bed, naked.

Unlike the ginger, the lights were on and the blinds cracked. No one could see a thing if they were wide open, but hey what can you do? And the TV was blasting ESPN, no one was going to hear anything other than yesterday's college basketball scores if they were outside the door trying to eavesdrop.

I take off my shoes and that is it. I walk over to the side of the bed, drop to my knees and take his cock in my hand and admire it.  It is a good 7". It has heft to it - it's dense. The shaft is thick. The head is beautiful and big. It's a shame he only wants head.

But it's his gig and I'm there to serve, not direct.

For a few minutes we were perpendicular. with me really worshipping this cock. It was superb. It filled my mouth just right. But the angle was wrong - even though he didn't know it.

I had him turn and lay down so his legs were hanging over the bed and I was between them. From this angle I was able to work some oral magic. And this boy did think it was magic.

Mind you, I've had plenty of experience performing fellatio on men, so I've picked up a few tricks that normally (not always) make a guy quiver and now and again they can't help verbalizing what they're feeling.

This was one of those men.

Since these techniques are patent pending, I'll save them for when they are protected.  :@)    Sorry.

I love that this tough Marine was thrashing around on the bed in the throes of ecstasy. Swearing, laughing, shortness of breath - all at the same time. He was digging my blowjob.

Several times, either through his verbal warning, or his pulsating cock, I knew he was close. I totally backed off.

There are times you just want to finish the blowjob and there are times you want it to last forever. This was one of the latter. He had such a great cock - a perfect dick, even  - that I wasn't ready for this to be over.

I went down and licked his sac. His full sac. Nice set of nuts on the soldier.  But I went further south. And then further still.

While it is possible this boy had been fucked in the past, it had been a rare rare instance. He wasn't the type of guy to shy away from a tongue in his ass, so maybe he had that before, or maybe he didn't know what was coming. He loved it.  But the boy was so tight, it is doubtful he'd ever been entered with anything but a tongue.

I was going back up to his dick and he asked if I wanted the load. I assured him that I most certainly did. He asked me where I wanted it and I said anyplace he desired.

Of course, since this was an oral visit, I assumed that meant the mouth or on the face - I needed him to be comfortable with the choice.

"How about up your ass?"

I stopped sucking for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably 10 seconds. "Sure - if that's what you want.", I replied hoping he was really meaning it and not trying to tip my hand.

"How'd you like to get fucked by Marine cock?", he growled.

I swear, if words alone could get me off without the sense of touch, those would have been eight words to do it.

My clothes were still on - and I didn't want time to change things. I unbuckled my pants, dropped them around my ankles and kneeled on the side of his bed. With only my spit and a little of his - he pushed into my hole.

Mind you - I thought I was equipped to take his dick easily. But that head. That fucking big head made me feel every fiber of nerve in my ass. In a good way.

He just sunk down, making sure every inch disappeared. I would say he was 80% in when it started to taper to a narrower base making that last push so delightful. My ass just melted around his shaft, grabbing onto every inch of that cock.

The Marine took four or five deep strokes and stopped.  "Is there already a load in there?" he queried.

I hesitated on how to answer. On one hand he could be turned on. On the other, he could think I was a fucking slut who was letting anyone put it to me. I took the risk.


To be honest, no one has ever gone in and said they felt another load. I wasn't sure if it was an urban myth or not. I guess it's a real thing.

He paused only for a second. "Awesome" and started pumping harder.

Now the dude was near the edge when I was sucking him and I didn't expect him to last long here. He lasted longer than I thought, but not by a great amount. Maybe 7-8 minutes and he was adding a third load to my fucking ass.

Grunts. Groans. Swearing.  Just like you'd think a military man might do.

Again, I asked him to keep that cock up me not only because I liked the feeling of his thick shaft filling me up, but I didn't want that big head to pull out the load with it.

Eventually he slipped out, as they all do.

He went to grab a towel, but didn't expect me to drop to my knees to clean him off.

You can see the beauty of the shaft and head.  And that was mean licking him clean - right from my ass. He stood and watched, smiling.

I stood up and pulled up my 501s. He was still all smiles and just said - "fuck man, I still can't get over whatever you were doing with your mouth - that was fucking awesome".

I think it's fair to say - this is the best way to support the troops.


BlkJack said...

Wow! I am soooo jealous.

aaron the hebrew said...

well there you go. you had me at

having live with a marine for nearly 4.5 years in the 1990's, ain't nothing like marine dick or sperm!!
aaron the hebrew