Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Instant Message - pt 1

Yes, a story in two parts.

There are good and bad things about some of these on-line hook-up sites (Scruff, Mister, A4A, etc). Instant success or instant failure. Or you see they read your message and never even have the guts to acknowledge you.

Or, you have the manic guys who message you 100 times. Are they manic?  ADHD? Too much meth? It's a crap-shoot.

A few days ago, I got a message from a very attractive 26 year old ginger.  ....at 06:45a.

Mind you, I was awake, but barely. He could easily see I was 18 miles away, and at the beginning of rush hour. But could I come to this hotel NOW.  And not just come now, but be there NOW.

Dude, best case scenario if I was walking out the door it'd be 25 minutes. But that wasn't working for him. Maybe we could do it later in the day when he woke up.  Oh - and he said I had to be squeaky clean (inside) or he'd sent me away.

So he wanted me at 6:45a, and expected me to be running clear that time of the morning?  Dream on, pal!  And that going to bed at this time made me think he was a meth head. But when he said he just checked in and was checking out at 5:00p, and he was close to the airport, I figured he was a flight attendant.

However, I was intrigued.
A. He was kind of demanding and self-assured for a 26 year old.  and
B. for as many guys as I've slept with (and there have been plenty, I don't recall one ginger or red head.

I know!

So, I was in and we agreed on 2:30p.  But lo and behold at 12:30 he texts me (as I was finishing sucking off GDD) and tells me he's ready NOW.  Ugh.

I left within 15 minutes and told him I'd be there at 1:30.  Every five minutes I'd get another text - when will you be here?  how much longer?  It's still 1:30, dude - laws of distance and physics still apply.

He texts me his room number and that the door is unlocked. He said to strip when I came in and come suck his cock.

I opened the door to pitch black. I bolted and chained the door for no surprises of anyone else he might have around. I stripped and walked over. His dick was soft but nice. His pic showed a respectable 7.5"

and thick.

It grew in my mouth and that's all he wanted it to do, though he aggressively held my head in place and pushed me down. I think he'd have liked to choke me on it, but hell, I know what I'm doing.

Yet, the sucking was all of two minutes of foreplay. He pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed.  "Get on all fours".  I barely had time to hit the poppers before he pushed his cock head into my ass. It was only seconds later he was buried balls deep.

It felt fucking great.

I kept thinking, for 26, he fucks like a pro and for 26, he is a natural dominant person. Granted, at that age, I knew I like to take well more than give, but fuck - he was all business.

He fucked hard for about 7-8 minutes and pulled out. While he said he wanted me on my back, as I started to go there, he goes, "oh no......." and pulled me over to his dick. I knew the score. It was to go in my mouth - right from my ass.

I took it. I took him to the fucking root and used my tongue on his shaft for him to know I was ok with ass-to-mouth.

He pushed me off and back, lifted my legs and without ceremony plunged into my ass down to his short hairs.  We fucked like that for another five or so. Then there was another pull out,then another ass-to-mouth session.

Get on your knees again. I did, but this time he buried my head in his pillows....and then SLAM - his dick was in me again. Pumping. Pumping. Pumping.

I was just a hole on his layover. A place for him to find some pleasure and relief before getting on another flight.

All the pumping sent him over the edge. He unleashed with fury, if the pulses I could feel were of any indication. Or the grunts he made that anyone passing in the hall would know exactly why they were being made.

When he was empty, he lay on top of me for a minute, while I probably whimpered my thanks. Then he pulled out.

BTW - why is it always a much different feel when a guy pulls out after cumming than he does while still fucking and changing position?

After the 'plop' of the pull out, he remained a top of me. He was talking dirty while my head was still in the pillows. He said, he wanted to suck a load out of him, so I would be forced to taste him on my the rest of the day.

As he made this talk, he kept sawing his cock up and down the length of my ass crack. He'd talk and talk, and rub and rub.  About five minutes into this he asked if I wanted another load.

Of course I did!  But with all his talk of making me swallow it, I assumed I would be going to my knees to drink it. However, after I said, "yes, I'd love another load", he plunged his cock into me and shot a second round.


This time it was pulled out completely and in haste. He got off me and stood, waiting for my exit.

Normally, I would just go, but considering some earlier attention to detail, I dropped to my knees and cleaned off his cock again - straight from my hole.

After a minute, he pushed me away.  "I need some sleep", he said, plopped down on the bed.

He may as well have just said, "Get the fuck out, now!".  Which I did. I dressed in the dark, not even tying my boots, opened and closed the door.

By the time I reached the lobby, I had another message from a nearby man in need.


Anonymous said...

you got me rock hard on that story...tanks man!!

BlkJack said...

I, too, am sitting here with a rock hard boner!

aaron the hebrew said...

wow. that was......how shall i say.. wicked hot buddy. he wanted you and wanted you bad. i can only imagine how amazing that dick felt as it flexed and pulsated inside your ass. made my morning.
aaron the hebrew

Cleveland bottom guy said...

That is a great story!

Unknown said...

When guys in hotels leave their door cracked, how do they do it? By leaving the deadbolt out..or slipping something between the door? What's the thrill of it?

I did have one guy leave a key sticking out slightly under the door. I was to take it out and open the door and join him in the shower. It was hot, though there was a maid in the hall at the time.

Do you ever get odd looks from the maids?