Friday, December 06, 2013

Talks a Good Game

You know the kind of guy I mean. If he's not all talk and zero action, then his talk is exaggerated at best.

And I fell for it - hook, line and sinker.

Don't get me wrong, "Mark" wasn't horrid or anything, he was just fair. Of course, I built up a few weeks worth of text up in my head as a guy being better than he is.

Oh yeah - weeks of text.  He was the master of never following through or something suddenly coming up. Or that, I'll text you tomorrow and we'll set a time.......and then tick tick tick....and all of the sudden he was unable to reply to your messages. You get the drift.

But there we were - finally. His picture were much better than the actual being. He looked like a down and out Danny McBride.  ...and not in a good way.

He had been claiming 8" and he was off by at least an inch. It was nice, but not eight. And for all his skills that he had, he was, again, fair at best.

The man was maybe an inch shorter than myself - possibly two. But he couldn't get an angle to work bending over the desk. I get that. So down on the floor we went.

Due to his texting, I thought the man would have a foul mouth, but he did not. It was just a quiet fuck and he hammered away. If he felt good doing it, I have no idea. It was ok for me, and I'd say nothing to write home about - but here I am, writing about it.

In a way, I'm glad to have it off the table. I don't have to feel the need to respond to his texts right away - hoping to get a piece. I might be surprised if either of us texts each other again. As you know, it's as much about the hunt as it is the kill.

There was no kill. I'm here to live another day and to tell another story or two.  And I think you'll REALLY like the next two.

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