Monday, December 30, 2013

"Straight" Black Guy

He advertised on CL.  Married black male in need of a mouth.

39, 6'1", 200, 9".

What he didn't say was he was in a hotel room with his wife, as they were in town visiting family for the holidays. No problem, I could work with that if need be.

The day he advertised now was not going to work, due to he was running out of time, so we agreed the next morning at 10:00 would be fine. He'd give me the details then. And he did, though not in time for me to make it there by the designated time - of which he was a little miffed. But it's hard to be at a hotel of which you don't know the location or room number without him telling you until 15 minutes before the designated hook-up time.

But I made it and there he was. A little beefy in the middle, but attractive and chocolate brown. He had no shirt on and just a pair of sweat pants.

"Are you going to undress?" he asked me.  I said, since it was only a blowjob there was no need, but could take off my shirt if he wanted. He wanted, so it came off.  Then I went to work.

I was on my knees taking out his cock - which may have been a little over 8", but it was not 9". Over 8" is still more than respectable.

Now, this guy didn't know me from Adam, but he had me pegged. The words that flowed freely from his lips were like pure heaven to a cock pig. The name-calling was secondary - what and how I was doing was primary. He knew what he wanted, what he liked and was not shy about verbalizing this.

I am pretty good at figuring a guy's likes and dislikes out early on and as we go along, but it was nice to hear him specify why I was invited over, what I was to do and how I was doing it.

He'd stop now and again to check the peep hole in the door to see if anyone was coming. Whatever. Trust me, if he could see them there, it was far to late to see IF they were getting close.

We'd go back into feeder / eater mode and I was making him moan. Though he wanted to be louder, he was afraid the housekeeper in the hall might hear, and he refused to take me back into the room where the bed was, as he didn't want me where his wife might find out.

But immediately he'd go back into his dirty talk, knowing all the right buttons to push. And he reached down to my nipples, another thing he didn't know about - until I reacted. But he wasn't willing to fuck me - though he told me about how good he fucked and how he's got 5 kids from several different women.

I'm totally good if he's a complete player and looking for any hole to get his manly black cock off in. I mean, here I was in a stranger's hotel room, on my knees sucking his fucking dick.

We only had a while, since he knew she'd be back and they'd have to check out at noon, so I went to work. We both did. I met everyone of his thrusts into my mouth by bobbing down on his meat. His hand at my head.

I did pull back as he was getting close and stick out my tongue. I let him see his white seed hit the extended tongue before ingesting his semen. Then I took the rest of his shooting cock into my mouth and continued to nurse and drain every drop.

He was not the kind to chat afterwards, not that I wanted to. I got my shirt on and was out the door like a good little boy, leaving him to reflect on what he'd done as his wife returned.

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