Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Light & Dark

GDD made what is possibly his first appearance in 2014 not long ago.

If you remember, he likes bringing his "new friends" along with him, and watching me suck them as well. What I think he really likes is being watched as I suck him.

Either way it works for me, as I normally get two dicks and two loads.

Of course, when I say "new friends", it is rare, if ever, that he has met them before they meet up to feed me. He contacts them through some on-line sites and sells them on my services. What info on me is exchanged is unknown. It's never offered to me and i don't ask.

This time the guy was Indian. Not woo-woo, but call center Indian. Granted, he may have been Pakistani or such - I don't know. These aren't really exchange of personal information sessions. Just body fluids.

Fluid. Singular.


GDD met his new guy somewhere and the new guy followed him to my place. GDD, as always, pushes past me and went to the designated area. I think he does this to show his alpha-ness not just to me, but to his protégé as well. I see it as a teaching moment for those guys who might want to learn how to treat a cocksucker.

Immediately, I was down in front of GDD. This is the norm. The new guy takes in how I'm being handled and it normally gets them somewhat excited. At least their crotch region. I don't know about their brain region, as I don't really have interaction with them after this encounter. I think their mind is trying to process a lot at once so they let it all soak in, more so than joining-in in the same manner.

So the Indian guy watched GDD wrap his hand behind my head an pull me down on his curve, thick, fucking piece of meat. It was just as ugly and beautiful as it always was. For a white collar guy, it's a working man's cock - or what one would think that would be.

As is also the norm, GDD pulls me off his dick and pushes me on to his new pal.

Indian guy was a 6.5" cock....slightly over medium thickness. As is usual with this kind of scenario, he was quiet. GDD tried to engage him in dirty discussions, but it was usually responded with monosyllabic answers. He was hard though - rock hard, so he was enjoying the entire scene, or at least my mouth. I could handle either one.

GDD did seem in a hurry to get his nut. Normally he takes his time, but he wanted the focus on him this time. So I gave it to him. He claimed to have a 12 day nut. He always blows a large load anyways, so I was really really really looking forward to this.

GDD has a thing about wanting my mouth to feel like his wife's pussy. His words. He wants it super wet. he wants it loose then tight then super tight. It's a lot of work, especially since his thick shaft stretches my lips.

But get him off I did. Possibly in the shortest time in all our meet-ups. Of course, maybe I am THAT good, or maybe he was on a tight schedule or perhaps it was that he had not gotten off in almost two weeks. Possibly a combination of the two.

There was a LOT of cum. Of course, I did not miss a drop, and while it had an ok taste, there was a lot of bleach smell. Those of you who regularly blow guys will know what I'm talking about. This kind of put a little damper on what I was eating. It overwhelmed the taste, possibly even compromised it.

Neither here nor there - I mean, I ate every single drop, just like I was expected to.

I went back to the darker meat and went to town. He was a little more engaging, but didn't really explore his verbal side until GDD when to go use the restroom.  "Cocksucker" came out of his mouth, like he'd been waiting to use it forever - and with enough conviction that he made me twitch.

He told me I was a good fucking sucker and knew what I was doing.

Maybe he had verbal performance anxiety in front of GDD, but he came into his own. And then he came into my mouth. All out of sight of his host.

It was a good sized nut and very fucking tasty. He liked that I cleaned him up.

Both were gone shortly after - but hopefully I showed the new guy how good a cocksucker should be.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking HOT and now I have a boner at work! I would have no qualms about calling you a fucking cock sucker, a god damn good fucking cock sucker at that for sure! You always make me so fucking horny!

BlkJack said...

With all the cocks I've had down my throat, you'd think I would have had heard the dirty talk and name calling...but, I haven't. I, too, am not really sure when to use it on some guys. What I do hear and love done.are the moans, groans and compliments of a job well.

Thanks again for another hot post!