Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've sporadically been doing this webcam shit on Chaturbate.

You read about me getting my 50 tokens, and even with another show, that is where I remain. More would be nice to have, but it's not why I'm doing it. I'm just an exhibitionist.

The last show I did - without a doubt, the best show I've done - was slightly different.

Oh, the mechanics were still the same: me sucking a guy for all to see. Or potentially all to see.

Once again, I placed a CL ad stating my intentions. It was also the intention that the other person not be seen unless they wanted to be. Face, that is. It's kind of imperative that their cock show.

Lo and behold, a few guys answered, though only one came through. But let me tell you, it was the right one.

6'4", 215. Solid body. Middle eastern descent (though probably a generation ago from not being U.S. naturalized citizens), a nice 7" cock.  Oh...........and he was 25.

Twenty-fucking-five years old.

30 is usually my lower end of the age of guys I like to be with, but he was into it and 25 year olds can deliver. Their cocks stay way harder and way easier. And they haven't lived in a world where selfies, social media and generally being ok with on-line nudity didn't exist. They're comfortable with it.

He had a request though: could he bring his laptop and broadcast as well.

What the fuck - why not?  It's not like I was being shy. I was the one in front of the camera. Sucking. Cock.

I know there are many sites out there for webcaming shit like this. He didn't ask what I was using, nor did I ask him. As it turns out we are both using Chaturbate.

So with our laptops basically side by side, his viewership and mine basically saw the same show.

Here's another difference with handsome, well built 25 year olds: they build a viewership much easier, much faster and much larger than someone my age.

On my first broadcast, I had about 120 folks. On my second, I had 320+.  This time I only had 120+. He had 800+.

I should not feel bad.....they were all watching me, but those seemed like impressive numbers. So between us we had about 1,000 folks watch me go down on him and watch me eat his ass.

Like the last time, since it is a webcam show - it seems the viewers like to see that money shot. I get it. I hate hate hate wasting the load like that, or even some of it, but I get it.

The other thing about 25 year olds:  they can shoot.

This was the first jet, but hardly the last.

As you can see it went up and over my head and some of it actually landed on my fucking back. What you don't see it most of the rest went onto my face, into my beard and into my mouth.

Well some of you don't see that. Some of my readers and Twitter followers did catch the show. So they saw.

I have no great plan on how to broadcast plans for these shows. They are all very quickly arranged - as you know how guys are fickle and can flake. So while I'm not necessarily shilling for followers on Twitter, that is the most immediate way to get word out to the 5,218 guys who follow me there.

Feel free to follow me there if you want a notification maybe an hour or two before a show starts. Right now it's been only once every two weeks or so.

But Mr. 25 YO wants to come back. So he says. It's probably more for his own vanity than my talent, but he might have found it hard to find another guy to broadcast with.  I'm happy to fill that to speak.

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