Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where There's Smoke.....

I can still smell his cigar. I can still smell what little cologne he had on as well.

They linger here, even the next day, in my office. Even a week later. It gets me hard.

The cigar did not have an overpowering aroma to begin with, and I like that. I'm sure a better man could identify the cigar brand by the band.

For those who follow my Tumblr, you will notice a plethora of cigar men that permeate a number of the images I post. I find the right cigar pic, the right cigar man, exudes masculinity. I have stated before that Freud was wrong - and that a cigar is never just a cigar.

However, porn, as ruined the reality of so many things, including cigarmen.

They're not all butch. They are not all masculine. They are rarely in shape - and usually I mean horribly horribly out of shape. And in real life they can never really wear a suit or leather (or even a t-shirt) like the men of whom I post.

Such as it is. my actual experience with being with a cigar man is negligible. Still I always remained hopeful.

As it turns out, he found me - by searching out an ad I had placed months ago with the word "cigar" in it. He travels through town and looks for men who are into men with cigars - and an email was sent my way. I responded promptly.

41. Professional. 5'10" 205lb. 6" cut, hairy chest and abs.

While a non-smoker typically, "Mike" enjoys a cigar. And he really really enjoys a cigar and a blowjob. And possibly fucking while smoking.

In my mind, I have always had certain expectations on how I like a cigar scene to go. Without prompting Mike, or telling him any of my thoughts, this came off next to flawlessly.

Mike entered into my office with just a little swagger. Handsome. Professional. Slightly overweight, but he carried it well. He had a dress shirt, pants and shoes on. Immediately, he pulled out his cigar, took it out of the wrapper and clipped the end.

As he held it out a little, he singed the end so when he'd do a fuller light in a minute, the flame would take to the tobacco. I took this opportunity to rub his crotch. He was already hard.

I asked him if he was hard before he got here. He said he was semi, but the scene and that just lighting a cigar makes him hard. And just walking into a cigar shop makes him erect.  NICE! I have heard that from many other cigar men.

As he lit up, I went to my knees and pulled down his zipper.  There I was met with flesh and pubes. Commando - another nice touch. He'd later tell me he likes to go commando because it makes him tent up and he notices men and women taking a second look.  He's in sales, so I have a feeling that helps grab folks' attention.

He was 6", but with a beautiful thickness and a nice head.

While the cigar was in his mouth, his hands went right to my head after I took his cock past my lips. Soon I was down at this zipper, my lips meeting those metal teeth.

The aroma of the cigar was nice and not strong, like some tend to be.

After a while, we asked to sit down, his pants off, his loafers and socks remaining on. This way, he was able to spread his legs, allowing me better access.

I was so happy to finally be in this place, I can't even convey it in this blog where you'd completely understand. That he was a handsome, masculine guy made it all the better.  That he instinctively knew how to guide me up and down his cock was spectacular.

He'd take the cigar from him mouth and hold it to his shaft. He liked the sight. He liked the heat. It was good to look at from my perspective too.

Now and then, I'd look up from his cock (ok, I did this a lot) to see him either looking down at me, letting smoke go, or leaning his head back, cigar between his lips, but sticking straight up.

Again - a cigar is never just a cigar.

He would say the right things. An actual nice professional guy who had needs. He isn't - I think - a pig of any kind. A slight cigar fetish, but clearly I do too, just on the other end of his.

Mike was also very natural at putting the cigar between his fingers, then putting that same hand behind my head to guide me onto his cock.

While he let me got at my own pace most of the time, other times he'd take matters into both hands and either guide me or face fuck me, all the while clenching the cigar in his mouth, or on the back of my head. 

The room filled with smoke, but not obnoxiously so. 

He was also not obnoxious when he'd talk of loving a 'faggot' or 'cocksucker' to give him head while he smoked. And if he could, he'd do it everyday - preferably with a scotch, so he could savor that too. 

Being the good host, I offered some Maker's Mark, but he said, 9:00a was probably too early to do that. It still would have been hot to see it next to him, on the desk. 

Mike also asked if I liked swallowing it or having it shot on my face. I said, that was never up to me. That it was his decision. He appreciated that, but pressed me for an answer. Of course, I wanted it in my mouth - and that was fine with him. 

He did mention that sometimes he liked to shoot it on a cocksucker's face, as he put it, nicely, but clearly and matter of factly: 'to let a bitch know his place'. 

I think I could have shot my load right then and there. 

Of course, I licked his balls. I licked his shaft. He really really really liked the head worked. That was great, though I find many guys find it too sensitive. He did not. So I went to work on that. A lot. 

Many blowjob sessions are quick - or blow n go- as they are known. This was not. He smoked almost the entire cigar as I took my time worshipping that cock. I wanted it to last. He wanted it to last. 

My entire planned fantasy was to make it last too. So this was awesome. 

He wanted me to work his head and I did. I didn't want it to end really, though I know he had to get on with his day and he'd been here for quite a while. 

The sperm flooded my mouth. Either he had not cum for a while or the entire set-up excited him. Or maybe he always cums a lot.  I don't know............yet. 

I captured every drop. I held it there - taking it all in: the smells, the taste, the consistency. All the way looking at him looking down at me. 

Of course, I nursed it afterwards. And he let me. Guys can be too sensitive for that many times. 

I did lick is balls during our session, but not his ass.....though I did get to his taint.  He seemed to like that but didn't open up for me to go further, so I took my non-verbal cues from him. As it turns out, we were both off a bit. 

After I swallowed, he mentioned that sometime he'd like to feel my beard on his asshole. So I lay back and told him to sit on my face. By this point, the crack and the hole were sweaty. And he was still working what little was left of his cigar. He and I played that right down to the very fucking end. 

He was still mostly hard when he got ready to leave. 

Mike seems to be sincere about wanting to get together when he's back in town, which is twice per month. He says finding a guy to suck his dick is easy (and I bet it is for him too), but he can't find anyone to do the cigar scene. 

He just found one. 

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