Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back to Black

He answered an ad I placed while I was out of town. Many men answered, very few weren't total flakes.

39, 6' 200, 7" - says he. Black too. He didn't say that, but his attached picture kind of spelled it out.

It's probably safe to say that this year, I experienced more black cock than I have in most of my adult sex life. And while I have gone back, I've returned to black as well. It is not a one or the other situation with me.

I just like cock.

He also failed to say it was a thick cock. Or a big head. Not that I'm complaining. It was a nice surprise and anyways, it is all relative. What one guy thinks is big (or small) another guy thinks differently.

While the ad was for me helping drain a guy's nuts, without being too specific as to how, he replied he needed oral relief.

He deferred the late night hotel visit until the next morning. True to his word, he emailed at 6:30a saying he'd be there in 10 minutes. I got out of bed and propped open the door hoping he wouldn't be freaked and just push in.  Into the room, that is.  :@)

I went back to bed.

Sure enough, I heard him push the door open and secure it shut. It was still pitch black in the room, so I barely even saw shadows. Then I heard buckles being unfastened, clothes hitting the floor, then the sound of a man walking towards the side of the bed.

His cock was out - pointing right at me.  He leaned in enough for me to envelop the head with my mouth. That is when I noticed how big the head was. Then as I went down further, how thick the shaft. ...and he wasn't all the way up. The cock was meaty.

I eventually slunk off the bed and to my knees on the questionable hotel carpet. I fed on his cock like it was my last meal. It was such a fucking great piece of meat. Then after a while he fell back in the bed, spreading his legs wide for me to gain access to that black tower.

While he was clearly hard, there seemed like there could be room for further stiffness. But it was fine the way it was. So I sucked for quite a while - he even laid back, completely getting comfy as I did my work, though he seemed impervious to my tongue action. The nerve!

He would tell me how much he liked having a 'white cocksucker'. So there is that.

Somewhere during the blowjob, he started implying that his cock would feel good lots of places. I greed it would, but trying to be as non-committal as he. I kind of wanted to hear him say it. Eventually he would.

He wanted his thick black cock up my hairy white ass.

He slinked down from the bed, now with both of us on the floor between the bed and the wall. He started chewing lightly on my nipples. I reached up and scooped up some lube and rubbed it on my own hole. If he noticed, he gave no indication that this was happening, but soon he positioned himself.

"Go in easy" meant nothing to him. I suppose it is all relative too. He was built like bull and acted like one too. Some deep breathing let me take him easier than expected. And then he went about to fucking. I went about to accepting it.

For his size and entry, he was actually a very skilled top. He knew how to make me feel good, though I don't know that was his intent. I don't mean to say he tried to hurt me, but like many tops, it was about his pleasure - as it should be.

We started on my back, him above me. He actually fucked hard enough to push me into the nightstand table. A pillow later, I was fine. But then he moved me to my right side, with my left leg lifted up against the bed. With him behind me he went in deep. To me, the angle seemed off, but he liked it. But then it was up on to my knees, still on the floor.

Here, he plowed deed. He plowed fast. The pace was such, that made you think he was going to cum. For the bottoms here - and even the tops - you know how the pace quickens as you start to reach the finish line. The deep, hard pounding you get / give as you see that blinding light at the end of your journey.

But he wasn't quite there. That pace went on for quite a while. And it felt fucking fantastic.

Soon enough he was there though. He buried his dick, and his load. With a few moans, but not big production, he emptied his balls into my ass - coating my guts along the way.

He stayed in for a bit, but slid out, got off his knees and fell back into the bed. As he relaxed, I got between his legs and took him back into my mouth. I cleaned off his left over load and felt the weight of his cock fall against my tongue. He smelled like sweat and set......though tasted fairly clean....save the left over sperm that coated his junk.

For a man approaching 40, he rebounded quickly. Or his cock did. As it began to stiffen more - though it never really deflated - I heard his breathing shallow and then the start of light snoring.

The beached post-coitus whale had arrived.

Men - they're creatures of habit. A 30 minute fuck and orgasm saps every ounce of energy out of them.

I didn't wake him immediately, I enjoyed his dick. It was all mine, no strings. But I purposefully made some movements to stir him. It was then he noticed his hard cock again.

He told me to sit on it.   Nice!!!!!

So I did.

By this time, the rising sun was squeaking through the sheer hotel curtains. I got to see that he was more handsome than his picture portrayed. He was also much darker than he looked in his image.

I like riding a cock - maybe especially a big black one - but I have issues with it too. I get way too excited and could easily end the session by getting my nut off - which is not my job or place. And I can do it without touching myself.

Luckily for me, he told me to 'getting on your fucking back', so I did.

This time, knowing he'd lubed up the hole on the inside and opened up that ass, he went right in, deep and hard. The fuck was hard, it was fast.

You always expect the second fucks to last longer, since they need to build up their load again, but I've found that only to be true maybe 30% of the time (though I haven't really done the math). It seems that the second load is quicker and more animistic.

Sooner than soon, he depositing a second load up my ass. This time I could see his contorted face as he spewed his juice inside of me. It seemed to go on as long as the first one.

Again, he pulled out and lay back. .....and fell asleep.

Now, I kind of wanted him gone. I did have the possibility of another guy coming over. He finally stirred...and kind of got ready to go, but decided to tell me about the guy he had been seeing TWO YEARS AGO....and just started seeing again.....and why they broke up and why they got back together.

It was all I could do to not say: "dude, I don't really give a flying fuck". But I was a nice guy and held my tongue.

He did get a little full of himself.....telling me that I would remember these fucks for a long long time and that they had to be some of the best I've ever had.

They were good. They weren't the best. And for the most part - good or bad (and without this blog), I still remember 90% of all the situations I've got myself into. So yeah, I'll remember......but not because he was off the charts good.

It was a not-so-quick hotel fuck in another city. That's all. Don't make it out to be more than it was, for either of us. It was a nice 90 minutes.

By the way, that other guy did come by shortly after and put me on my knees. I sucked a fucking nice load out of him in less than 10 minutes and he was on his fucking way.


Bruce Chang said...

Solution: Just make peace that you might be held in place or forced to continue riding it after you shoot. Ha! Besides... no matter how many kegel exercises you do, there's no matching the feel of a guy cumming while you're inside him.

CoolTop said...

I love it when guys get me off twice in a row, and I agree that it's harder to prolong a second orgasm once you are really into it-- it comes hotter and more intense but also somehow shallower at the same time-- but I reload verrrrry slowly and you have to be a pretty patient, true-cock-loving cocksucker to get a second one out of me. I'm really jealous hearing about dudes like this one who are just gonna get ready to fuck again ten seconds after they wake up with a dude on their dick who they already shot a load into. Damn, I wish I could cum over and over. Are there exercises I can do? A pill I can take? But my nuts give so much when I shoot, that a second orgasm almost hurts in all my ducts, and there's really no hope of a third.