Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fucked Hard

He had advertised for a white guy to come to his house, posing as someone who knocked at the wrong residence. Then I was to ask to use the restroom where he'd come in to show me his big black dick.

I was up for it. As you saw, I'm not adverse to role play.

But that all changed when I contacted him. Then he wanted to come to me. No fuss. No muss. Just him fuck me.

He described himself as average height, clean, masculine and 7".

While I waited for him on a cold day, I turned on my office heater and to keep more heat in, I put up a barrier I had that kept the inner office warmer.

The problem with this barrier is, that it is just an old flannel sheet. And in a makeshift setting a few months ago, I cut a hole in it, large enough for a cock. I created it not that long ago for another black guy who insisted on using a gloryhole, since he was totally on the DL.

This time, honestly, I was just trying to heat the room more quickly as I waited for this guy to show, as I know our most private parts would be exposed. And most likely I'd be bent over my desk.

And he did show. As instructed, the door was unlocked for him, but I didn't really hear him pull in or come on. I heard rattling around beyond the sheet and soon, I saw a black shaft slide through the hole I had created.

It was 7" as promised and fairly thick.  With just a slight downward curve.

As you can see, he had a nice head on top of that veiny shaft. 

This wasn't the plan, but I dropped to my knees and enveloped his big black cock with my pink lips and mouth. He pressed into the flimsy sheet. It is not a professional gloryhole. It was not meant to bare weight. 

I only used my oral skills for a few minutes. After that, I peeled back the sheet and in he walked. Dressed up. Too dressy - too flashy - for a workday afternoon. Well, I mean, if he didn't have a hard cock leading the way. That made it a little more casual. 

There was no ceremony at this point. I grabbed the lube and stroked his cock until it was slick. My pants were already undone, so dropping them to the ground took no time. And then I bent over the desk. 

Wasting no time at all, he pushed right into me. I could truly feel every inch as he snaked all the way down to the root. 

And then it started. He had talent. He had skill. But he fucked like a beast. And I mean that in the very best way possible.

He pounded. He was good. He made it feel good. I think the muscle work I was providing his shaft made him feel good. 

Since my hands still had lube on them from getting him all slick, I touched my own dick while getting fucked. I did not jack. Or I did at the beginning, but stopped. It's not my place to get off- and I don't really ever want to shoot before the guy using my hole does. I don't want to risk the loss of desire and not give him the ability to shoot. 

Sometimes while getting fucked, I don't get or remain stiff. That is not to be a gauge of how good it feels or how much I'm enjoying it. It just happens. And, I've also been blessed with being able to shoot while totally soft. This is a huge turn on to one guy I play with now and again. 

This time was rock hard. I stopped touching myself because I didn't want to become too excited. I had no idea how long his pounding would last. 

...and it lasted a while. Maybe 20-25 minutes. 

But it was about 15-18 minutes into it before I just lost it. He fucked me so hard, or so erotically, and while not touching myself, he made me shoot a 12 day load. 

Since I was bent over, but still over a really nice carpet, I had the wherewithal to cup my hands over the head and catch the majority of it into my palm. Of course, some of it leaked out - there was no way around that. 

If this were a porn movie or a better porn story, the spasming of my ass muscles would have sent him over the edge right then and there. But it's not. And he continued on for another 6-8 minutes before spilling his seed into my guts. 

That is not to say he didn't comment on my ass muscles. That is not to say he didn't or couldn't figure out I was coming - as I never actually said I was. 

I'm not patting myself on the back, but I do like that I took the fuck even though my rocks had gotten off. 

He claimed, as he was getting ready to go, we'd do this again, though now it's been two weeks and I have yet to hear from him. But I'm guessing he has lots and lots of options. 

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