Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Loft Fuck

He hit me up on BBRT.

For what should be very straight forwardness for that site, there are more 'ask me's than at one which can shake a stick.

Is it possible they don't know if they smoke, take drugs, are positive, what their cock size is or if they do or don't take loads in the ass? Don't make me jump through hoops for a site that literally asks you to spell it out.

I suppose my favorite part are the negative guy who only want negative holes.  ....on a site that straddles the line on promoting unsafe sex.  You know, because, guys are sooooooo trustworthy.

Here he was, hitting me up: 33, 5'9", 165, 7 - 7.5" nice cock. And black. Buzzed head, close to the bone, but still some hair. He had me come to his place and it was a great new renovated loft. Huge. Just moved in.

His profile said he took loads oral, though he never even attempted to suck me. He didn't take them up the ass. No on drugs (a big one for me).

He buzzed me up and opened the door in nothing but gym shorts. I could tell from him tent that he had boxers on or nothing at all. No way briefs could make something exposed so much.

What I love about BBRT is there is, or should be, no pretense. It's about raw fucking. Get in, get out.

With Scruff, while * I * think it should be about the same thing, I laugh at the guys who list 'networking' as their goal. Uh-huh. Or better yet, are from out of town and looking for 'friendships'. I was not born yesterday. You can try to fool yourself, but......

Anyways, in a matter of a minute, I had tugged down his shorts and was on my knees sucking his beautiful black cock. He was so into it, I was afraid he was going to shoot there - and while I love sucking cock (no, really - it's true!), that was not the plan for the day, or why I cleaned out or drove 20 minutes.

I stood up and dropped my jeans. I spit into the palm of my hand slathered his shaft with that slimy kind of spit that makes for good fucking. He asked if I liked spit as lube. I said I did. He liked that.

He was impressed enough with my cock, but told me to turn around and brace myself on the exposed cement pillar that was next to me.

There was no easing in. He pushed past the ring and kept sliding until he hit bottom.

I'll say this - the man knew how to throw a fuck. He gave it to me good. I felt every inch of his dick.

While I liked the idea of the bracing on the pillar, but with him being about 5" shorter than myself, the angle wasn't quite working that well.

I think the original idea was to bend me over his couch, as that is where he had lube, poppers and a towel. And because he directed me over to the couch and bent me over.

There was another good 15 minutes of a total ass fucking. I'm not complaining when I say it was all about him (as it should be) with no regards to if it was good for me. It was, but trust me, I'm not sure he cared. He certainly did not ask.

He kept asking if I liked his black cock. He kept telling me how he like fucking white hairy ass. I told him I loved big black cock up my ass. I gave him all the platitudes he wanted. I told him I wanted his black babies shooting inside me too.

Unannounced to me, he did just that. He made no big production out of it. No verbal warnings or throes of 'passion'.  He just ended up softening a little and sliding out.  Truth be told, I was hoping for some filthy talk as he put his load in me.

While he was softening, he was still a nice size.

I'm not too proud to say that I slipped to my knees and took his cock - the one that had just been up my ass - and put it in my mouth. He didn't stop me either.

I worked my mouth. I worked him into another hard on. I sucked him clean. I sucked him hard - at least to the point he wanted to get off again.

He was honest, he liked the mouth but said that my mouth wouldn't do it for the second time, but just started stroking. I would have gladly bent over again, but he made it clear, this time he wanted it in my mouth or on my beard.

While he stroked, he spit in my face........on my face. And a few times in my mouth.

Honestly, i think that is what got him off. The sub side of me, or better yet, the dom side of him.

Even though my mouth was open and tongue extended, most of the second load went into my beard. Some went into me too.

He started to get me a towel to clean up and then just said - I want you to leave here.....just like you are now.

I needed no encouragement on this. I even stretched my tshirt collar a bit as I was putting it back on, so none of his body fluids would wipe off.

I like both dry on my face, as I went out into the biting cold. I could smell him on me....in me....for hours to come.

Fuck I hope I can another invite.


FelchingPisser said...

Deep spit: I love it for lube. And tasty during the fuck...

CoolTop said...

I've had a couple guys leave me wanting to stay slathered with my cum, because they want to smell me all day. Very, very, very arousing to me. Beautiful dedication to your top and his cum.