Thursday, December 11, 2014

Security Check

Going back a month or so on this one........but I'm out of order and still have many adventures to hang with me.

I've played with this guy a number of times, and all have been good. You've read about him fucking my hole for 60, 70 and 90 minutes. He can be a dynamo. He's left me sore but sated, and me saying I'm sore is not a complaint.

But now he has a BF. One who moved here from out of town and in theory knows of me, but doesn't know me and hasn't ever seen me. Maybe some video........but nothing of my face. So "John" concocted an idea where I would came over and get fucked.

It was kind of a shell of an idea - that I'd be a guy checking security system and would get seduced into the bedroom. I haven't done role play to this extent, but I was game. I mean - why not?

First off, I thought it would fall apart in the first two minutes and we'd just do our fun little fuck after that. But when I commit to a bit, I COMMIT.

I dressed professionally. John gave me the name of his security company and his landlord, so I could reference each of these upon knocking. I even took an old work ID badge on a laniard turned backwards, so no one could see it wasn't the security company, and wore it around my neck. For good measure, I had a notebook to take information down. Even John wasn't expecting that level of detail.

I rang the bell at the appointed time. John said his landlord texted saying I would be by and he was expecting me. His new bf was sitting across the table from him, both working on their laptops.

I actually pretend to check the window sensors and the box where the unit is housed. I'm wearing tight trousers too. In the kitchen, I see something on their refrig that says something to the tune of: "I'm Gay; Get Over It". John sees me glancing on it and comments.

As I bend over to check a lower sensor, he says, "nice ass"....making sure his bf can hear. I wish I could have caught the look on his face.

"Excuse me?", I say.   "You have a nice ass".

He reaches to cup my crotch. I feigned reluctance, but admitted it felt good. All the while the bf was looking on not sure what to do or how to act. Neither of the two of us let up that this was a game.

Of course, he moved me to the bedroom where he took out my cock and went down on me. What security worker is going to pass up a mouth on a cock?  But soon my pants were around my ankles and he was making more aggressive advances towards me.

As he played with my ass, I said I wasn't sure about this. But then a finger went up and then two.

The bf was handed poppers to hand them to me. I played dumb. "What are these?"  "How you use them?" And I was given a brief tutorial. I kept making them assure me they wouldn't cause me any harm.

Before long, my original guy was trying to work his way up m ass. Of course, I "resisted" but ultimately he was successful. The bf kept feeding me poppers and I just got fucked.

Depending on what position I was in, the bf either sucked my cock or fed me his. But in the end, I was ass up, supported by elbows when the main instigator blew his load up my ass.

I opted not to do the "what are you doing?" kind of scenario and take it as fact that I was just receiving his seed up my hole.

After he got off of me, he noticed I was hard and told me to fuck his bf.

The hard-on kind of lasted, kind of didn't. I got it in but had to fuck his hole with also using my hand as a stimulator. Finally, I was able to get off, but only because the main guy was playing with my tits. Still, it was a big load for his ass.

Afterwards, I asked to use the shower, as I had other appointments I had to get to. Normally, if it were just the two of us, I'd have left there smelling of sex, but I was trying to keep up the act.

I dressed and grabbed my notes and badge and told them when the new system was in, someone would be by to install it, but if they had questions, they should check with the landlord.

It was my understanding that the bf was told of my actual persona a few hours after I left, but that he bought the scenario - hook, line and sinker.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking awesome scenario!

BlkJack said...

I have to agree that you did an awesome job!