Monday, April 13, 2015

Thick 2

I was back. But this time a little tipsy and the texts were not anything about oral.

I was at a bar with friends and got a message if I'd like to come over. Back to the big dicked man in my last post.

He greeted me at the front door and this time, I was directed upstairs. There was no play downstairs with a subsequent a trip up. This was strictly in the bedroom goings on.

All clothes were dropped as soon as we entered the bedroom. Me palming his thick fucking already hard cock and him toying with my balls for all of 45 seconds was the only foreplay there was to be.

He invited me onto his bed and I accepted.

I noticed at the bedside table there was lube. I knew where this was going. I kind of suspected anyways, so while I haven't really used poppers in the last few months, I knew that with his girth, I might need some assistance.

With the only light coming from the porn playing on the tv, I took in his beauty - and he is very handsome with a good body. The plus-sized dick is just a bonus.

I had equal amounts of excitement and apprehension about having that big, thick cock up me. Ok, maybe it was more 60/40, if I broke it down respectively.  Possibly 75/25.  

I won't lie, the booze I had just before arriving helped. I was receptive to almost anything.

There was no real foreplay other than the fondling of each other's junk. He reached for the lube. I reached for the poppers. As he was finishing coating his rod, the poppers took effect.

With him pressing his blunt head against my hole, I felt it open. I could actually feel the muscle of my hole gripping his shaft and covering it, clinging to it as he made his way in deeper. I could feel the lining of the inside of my ass grasp his cock.

I felt full, but good. And I knew he wasn't all the way in.

You know I like to have my tits played with. Some guys are better at it than others. Some really have zero skill and even if told what to do, are clumsy at best. Not this guy. Without a word, he knew exactly how to handle them.

Whatever he did to them, made my hole twitch enough and open just enough that he sunk the last thick 3" into my butt all at once.

I gasped and he stopped...for a second. I didn't gasp in pain. It was pure ecstasy. What could have been a painful fuck, was nothing short of great.

The man knows how to work an ass. While I loved sucking him, his real skill is at boning a guy's ass. Or at least mine.....which is all I really care about.

There isn't a good way to describe how great his cock felt and how good the fuck was, so I won't really try. I can't do it justice, I don' think.

At some point he pulled out and he wanted me on my knees. His cock went in much easier then, though not all the way. He did reach around to play with my nips and again, that just paved the way for the rest of him.

Granted, this way, he had a little more leverage and lot more strength in his moves. He could go deep and make me feel it. And FUCK did I feel it. Every nerve ending was on fire.  ...again, in a good way. Luckily it was a freestanding house, or his neighbors would have been on to us. They still might have been.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it this way, but this was a rougher fuck. I was still just as full.

He kept commenting on how tight I was. I (kind of) laughingly told him, his cock was so thick, everyone was tight to him. He chuckled back that this was not true. But it's safe to say I'm far from being a virgin (honest!), but there is no way he wasn't feeling tightness when buried up my ass.

For the home stretch - and we were at about the 20 minute mark now - I was back on my back. He was playing with my nipples and I reached for his. Had I known he was wired like me, I might have played with them earlier - or maybe not.

That really got him going. It also got him closer. So you can see why I wouldn't want to play with them too soon. I didn't want the fuck to end.

I know some guys love the shorter fucks, getting the load and moving on. I have those times too. But I really like taking it up the ass. And he gave it to me. But he was nearing the point of no return and I wasn't about to stop him.

He just buried in me - his dick into my ass, and his face into my neck. Breathing heavily, making non-sensical verbal noises.

It wasn't hard to milk his cock with my ass muscles. While he loosened them, he was still fairly hard and and I was still grasping every inch of his shaft.

It was more awkward pulling out of me - truly leaving me empty, except for a load he shot deep in me.

Without a doubt, it ranked up in the top 5 fucks I've ever had.

...and that's saying something.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Absolutely beautiful! I can envision him fucking you and you moaning with pleasure with every thrust of his thick cock inside your hole! I wish my nipples were not so sensitive! The feeling you describe when they are played with is HOT as fuck!

Did this guy take viagra or something or just able to maintain stiff erections because your ASS is so HOT?

BlkJack said...

Wow! I need to go find a dick like that to suck today. Thanks for the follow up.