Monday, June 01, 2015

Hispanic Hotel Hottie

More of less, I'm caught up on the interesting stories of the past few weeks.

As an FYI - a few times I post pretty close to real-time, but since I only post every 3-4 days, some encounters get delayed in telling. In reality, the stories are tell are delayed by a two weeks or so.  I try to leave myself reminders of a guy I want to write about, but honestly, something more recent usually fills my grey matter and those earlier stories go off to the side, no matter how good or interesting they were.

And as always - you rarely get the tale of the standard blowjob. Those happen quite a bit, but it's hard to make a blowjob sound that interesting. Especially in the frequency in which I give them.  

So I'm guessing this goes a month or two back. He's not a second tier story - just one that got lost in the weeds.

He was in a hotel. He was ending a two week stay here - all for work, though I didn't see his profile on line until a few days prior to his departure.

"Jose" was good looking. 6', 170, full head of mostly pepper hair, with a little salt. Bearded. Hispanic. 7" uncut cock. And married.

It was morning - he had to be at his work site a little late, but was in need. I headed to his hotel.

He was funny and super cautious. He was at and extended suites kind of place. So no only did he lock the door and bolt it, we went back into the separate bedroom and he shut that door too. I suppose that could have been to muffle the sounds of him murdering me, but I wasn't really worried.

There was zero kissing, though he had the lips that I think I would have liked to sample. I'm assuming he left that for his wife. I get it - kissing can be more intimate than fucking, given the right circumstances.

But fucking was on the menu.  Unfortunately by the looks of his bedside table, so were condoms. Drats.

We stripped down. I went to my knees. His body fell against the wall for support as he seemed to really really enjoy the head I was giving him. I suspect I edged him a few times - but it's not how he wanted to cum.

He pushed me away and reached for the rubber and lube. I got off my knees and laid back on the side of the bed, with my ass just hanging over. I love it when things align. Often, someone is too tall or short and there is a lot of positioning.

He maneuvered his dick into me. He waited until I adjusted - and then he just went to town.

Say what you want about married guys - they usually know how to throw a good fuck. He certainly did.

Physically, I wasn't noticing the rubber too too much.  Mentally, it was on my mind.

What surprised me more was that as he was getting close he pulled out and stroked his dick. At least I thought he was close. I know, for whatever reason, some guys have to get off more manually. I don't get it, but I've seen it more often than I think one should.

He even ended up taking off the rubber. And yet he furiously stroked.

I was still there on the bed with my legs spread, stroking my own cock. He said he was going to cum on my cock.

I bought into it verbally, but not mentally. I told him to shoot on my cock. But with my legs open even wider, I told him to shoot on my hole.

He looked up from his cock at me. Looking at the lust on my face, he somewhat mirrored it.  "Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah.  Shoot on my hole. Shoot on my hole. Shoot on my hole".

He stroked faster.

I said 'shoot on my hole' a few more times, then changed it, subtly but not subtle. "Shoot in my hole".

I tried not to change the inflection from 'on' to 'in', as I didn't want to scare him off. But I repeated it so he hopefully would get the message. He never acknowledged the change. I was fairly certain I'd at least get his jizz on my hole and not on my cock.

As he moved closer to orgasm, he just shoved his cock in my hole and let it loose. He sprayed his babies all inside of me.

Maybe he shut both doors to keep down the sounds of two men having noisy sex. The groans, moans and grunts were loud.   ....from both of us.

As he came down from his post-orgasm high, he slipped out and toweled off a bit. I gathered my shorts and shoes. Neither of us acknowledging what had just happened.

I can't assume what was going through his mind, but I didn't want to disturb the balance. As I dressed, we chatted about his travel and his bluetooth BOSE stereo, with which he travels.

I thanked him and said if he had time in the last few days of his stay, I'd be happy to stop back.

I never heard back from him.


cyberi4a said...

Sounds like your 'in the hole' chanting put him over the edge enough to just dive right in and blast away.

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Great read and visual of him plunging in big uncut cock in your hungry hole to deliver his sperm babies! I've had guys do the same thing and just unable to release their cum in the rubber. They get so excited and want to deliver it where it really belongs rather than wasting on a surface ejaculation. Good me erect reading this one!

Bruce Chang said...

I'm a bit surprised that he didn't just start fucking you raw. Kinda wonder if he was trying to not scare you away as much as you were doing the same.