Thursday, June 18, 2015

(another) Painter

He hit me up on Grindr. I'm still not a fan of that site, but now and again, it gets me laid. The demographic is far too young for me, and the spam and bots on that app are way to pervasive. Still, I keep it.

So, he hits me up and while his stats are sparse and profile pic is a landscape of Los Angeles, at least he seems to be real. He also doesn't have his location on, so I don't know where he his....or how far, I should say. Then I get an embedded location sent from him. The odd thing was that it was right outside my house. I couldn't figure out how he was sending me my own location.

We agreed to meet and he said he had a little time during lunch and where was I. I told him. Turns out, he was right next door. He wasn't sending me my location, but his. He was painting a neighbor's house who is getting it ready for sale.

He was over in five minutes. Maybe less.

21 (yikes!), 6'4", 180. Handsome as fuck and pushing 8.5 or 9 inches.  Double yikes.

Unlike a lot of black youths I have 'met', he didn't try to come across as one with tons of street cred - even if most of them don't really have it. He was incredibly well spoken, even if that speak was dirty talk and horniness.

I don't think he was inexperienced, or at least shy. In a heartbeat his shorts were pulled down and out sprang his flaccid, but still big, cock. It took a few seconds of touching to get it to full staff.

In a few seconds, I was on my knees.

And I was down there for a while.

I fucking loved his cock - and he seemingly loved my mouth.  For a 21 year old, he knew all the right words to say to a white cocksucker......including "white cocksucker".

He kept looking at his phone and said he only had 15 more minutes. I figured that was plenty of time for a blowjob before he blew his nut in my mouth.  Right?

He saw I had poppers and said he liked them. I made the comment that I only use them sometimes, and if then, when I'm getting fucked.

The kid said he'd like to fuck me, like it was his own idea. I know I passive-aggressively mentioned the fucking, hoping it would get to that. Actually, I've tried to stay off poppers, but with that cock? I was gonna need 'em.

But I needed him to make him think it was his idea. I try not to scare off the newbies too much with such filthy filthy thoughts.  

With some lube, some poppers, and a good grip on my desk, he got his cockhead into me - and there was no stopping him.

It took me a minute to get used to his size. There is no way around that. Not that he really heeded my request for 'easy'.

I will give him this - he fucks like a champ.

Don't get me wrong. It was a hard fuck. It was a determined fuck. I kept thinking - mostly afterwards - once that young man gets more experience under his belt and learns how to harness that energy, and that cock, he's going to be an A+ fucker.

He fucking slammed me the last 2-3 minutes. He had a deadline, and he wanted to get off. And I wanted him to get off. In me.  With each thrust I could feel it through the core of my being. I loved every thrust of it.

It would turn out later, I would be sore for hours, but it was totally worth it - then and later. It's been a while since someone truly made me feel fucked. But he did.

The load seemed huge - or at least his quaking, shaking and moaning went on for a long period of time.

I was fully sated when he was done. I'm hoping he felt the same way - except that he's 21 and I'm not sure anyone that age every feels fully sated. More power to him.

He thought he might stop by after his day was through, or possibly the next day if they were still there on the job. He didn't come over after and no trucks were there the following day.

Maybe I'll hear from him again. Perhaps not. Either way - totally worth it.

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