Sunday, June 21, 2015

Public Restroom Fuck

I hadn't seen him for a while.  Even from the possible hottest post of 2015, I had seen him once or twice, but just to provide oral relief. And trust me, I am more than happy to provide just oral relief to this guy. I'd provide anything he fucking wanted.

We had exchanged a few messages here and there, but mostly just chit chat. He hadn't asked for service and I wanted to stay in his good graces, so I wasn't pushing it. He'd get to me when he could.

That time was the other day. I got a text from him fairly early in the morning, asking if I was free around 9a. I said I could be - and if he wanted me to come over. But he was already at work. Then he asked if I could meet at a shopping center bathroom around 9:15a.


On one hand, I fucking love public sex - and it is such a rarity these days. On the other hand, getting busted was not really in my plans. And if I had three hands....or four........I'm thinking I'd do just about anything for this guy, so why not. And things at this establishment probably didn't pick up until 10:30 or 11:00.  I was in.

I didn't see him in the parking lot, but told him which stall I'd be in. I heard the outer door open and I thought he'd find someway of identifying himself, but he just pushed my unlocked stall door open.


I love the confidence.

By this time, my shorts and boxers were already off and hanging off the handicap bars. He stepped up, pulled down his pants and there hung his beautiful, thick, black meat. I immediately put it into my mouth. It immediately started to grow to full capacity.

I wanted to keep that fucking staff in my mouth forever, and he was liking it too - a bit too much. That is not what he summoned me here to do. It was not the top of his wish list. And I wanted what he wanted.

With no words, I stood up to bend over the toilet. But knowing he was coming from work, I was smart enough to bring lube with me, as I assumed he didn't have any with him.

Normally, I'm ok with a spit-fuck, but as I've said before, this man is THICK. It would be a struggle most times to take him with just our saliva, and I'm willing to try that - but in a quick bathroom / fuck situation, I needed the extra glide.

I rubbed his cock with the lube and bent over. In no time at all he was pushing into me.

FUCK - he is big. Length and girth, but what I was feeling right then was the girth. While I was fairly comfortable that there really weren't other people nearby, why take the chance. I tried to remain silent through the process. Sure, we exchanged words, in a very low tone - though they seemed loud as floors and walls were tiled.

I had to extract myself off his pole, just once, to reacclimate and to fetch a little more lube.

After that, I was back bent over taking it up my butt, like I was born to do.

I kind of smiled to myself - it wasn't any talking or moaning that would give us away, it was the electric eye of the toilet. With certain movements, the sensor would make the toilet flush. And this happened several times.

There were no words of adoration, except for his cock. Mostly moans from him as he'd deep dive and, as he loves to do, flex his stiff dick when it's deep inside of me. As I've said before, that triggers a pain / pleasure feeling (in that order) that is beyond description. And even though 'pain' is in there, it is fucking heaven.

With work-time constraints and not wanting to get busted constraints, I'm guessing the actual fuck too about five minutes. Sooner than I'd like in any other situation, he was putting his babies into my gut in that black-tiled bathroom stall.

I could feel the pulsing dick more than the shooting cum. As always with him, my ass-nerve endings were on fire. I felt everything he had to offer.

With no ceremony, he slipped out of my ass. He allowed me to go sit back on the toilet and take this softening cock into my mouth, cleaning him up a bit, but not completely, I would imagine.

He left the same way he arrived - no words. Opening and shutting the stall door. I heard the water run at the sink while I slipped my nylon shorts and boxer briefs back on over my shoes. I gave him a five minute head-start then silently slipped out of the bathroom myself - driving home with an assload of sperm.


BlkJack said...

Fuckin' hot as hell!

Anonymous said...

How long does take for the sperm to leak out? Or do you just absorb them?