Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Not A Sound

Somehow I heard something alerting me to someone at the door - though it wasn't a knock or a doorbell. Instinct, perhaps?

I was expecting him, but then again I wasn't.

GDD has a habit of making and breaking plans. He has a way of building up and letting you down - either last minute, or with no notification at all. Our meeting time had come and gone - so I was no longer waiting for him and immersed myself in other things.

Yet there he was.  Late, but there. Without a 'friend', but there.

GDD normally brings a friend with him. And by 'friend', I mean someone he's found on-line and talked them in to joining him at my place so I can give them both head. Of the dozen or so times he's done this, about 40% of this friends are even remotely worthy. Had they not been with him, I'd never have given a second look, let alone open my door for.............or go to my knees for.

This time, his 'friend' found me on A4A and asked if it was all right that GDD was bringing him. I suppose had I not known or seen this guy beforehand, he would have entered and I would have done my duty - but he showed himself, and it was not pleasant.

I messaged GDD and said he knew this wasn't my preference. All I got was an 'ok'.

I didn't know if that meant he wasn't coming at all. Coming with someone new? Or just alone?

Turns out he was alone.

Immediately I knew, but......there was no set-up.

I opened the door, he walked in. Not a word. He walked up the stairs. Not a word. In my office, unbuckle, unzip, sits down. Not a peep.

I somehow knew enough not to utter a sound myself - though again, this was unsaid.

His cock was out, but soft. Large, but soft. GDD has a really nice cock - which makes up for a few of his other flaws.

It's long. It's mighty thick. It has a great head on it. 

I went to my knees, he leaned back in the chair and tilted his head back. He was as far away removed from me as he could be and still be present to get a blowjob. A partition would have been the only other way.

He looked up - then down - on me once. It was to slap his hand to the side of my head to guide me for what would only be a few minutes. Other than that, I was on my own to suck as I pleased, though deep down, I know I was sucking the way he wanted me to. I had enough experience with him and enough verbal direction to know what he likes. I catered my style to him when he is there.

Normally, he'd be telling me to make my mouth feel like his wife's pussy - as if I even know what one feels like, let alone hers.

Apparently it's concurrently sloppy and tight. I'll assume sloppy wet, as opposed to just well used, which it might be with that cock he's sporting.

So I just would alternately tighten and loosen my mouth. I would make sure there was plenty of spit to cover his shaft. I played with his balls.

I think I did a good job, but he'd never let me know, even if he was being vocal. I kept him hard. So, I'm guessing I was doing ok.

About 15 minutes in, I was looking up and saw his abdomen just shaking. Trembling, even. His dick was no harder. His breathing seemed no more labored, but I took the trembling to be a telltale sign of impending orgasm.

As the thought was going through my head, my mouth was being filled with spunk. Lots and lots of married, father spunk.

No groan. No moan. No words. Not even a catch in the throat.

Nor did I make 'yummy' sounds as it shot into my mouth and slid down my throat into my belly.

I cleaned him up with my tongue. He dressed - without a word. Walked out the door, never even bothering to close it behind him.

And he was gone.


Bruce Chang said...

I am so damned turn on by this! Ha!

Anonymous said...

For the best, maybe?

Please, stop seeing that douchebag

cyberi4a said...

"No groan. No moan. No words"

You know that's how he is at home also, so the kids won't hear. Some married guys never learn they don't have to be that way when away from home.