Monday, June 29, 2015

No Hablo Inglés

I met him on Grindr. Again, with my instincts - and knowing better, but overlooking the signs, just for cock.

His pic was ok enough. Clearly Hispanic. A little too colorful for me. Scarfs, tie-dyed tennis shoes, multi-colored cap. But I wasn't looking to take fashion advice by him. I wanted dick.

The dick was decent. It looked thick.

Being Hispanic, I knew he would be uncut, but this was more like a tight turtleneck.

The pic is a little deceiving. While the image isn't 'actual size' in real life it wasn't much longer. Though it was thick.

The guy, we'll call him Juan, was relentless. Contacting and recontacting me. I said 'maybe' - and that to him, meant 'yes'. As it turns out, it did mean yes, but before that, I had offers - two others. They were closer and didn't seem as odd.

All the while when 'talking' on Grindr, I just thought he was high.

His profile had symbols for smoking and three or four for bundles of cash. I told him from the get-go, that I don't pay, I don't do drugs and I don't smoke or really tolerate heavy smokers.

He'd come back with one word answers or almost total gibberish.  "No no come?"

This one's on me. Until I was at his place, did I realize he spoke little to no English. While I won't rule out being somewhat high, part of his app communication skills were that English wasn't even his second language. There was no translation, no conjugation. Nothing.

I was there, so I went upstair.

I totally know that it is not a good enough reason, but you've seen I've done worse with less and for far lesser reasons.  I have a problem. I get it.

The room was dark with Telemundo (or some such thing) playing. It was loud. It was colorful. It was distracting.

He lay back on the bed and pointed to his dick. That needed no translation. I went between his legs and started sucking. It confirmed that he was wide at the base, but not very long.

While I was down there he kept talking, but to me it was mostly unintelligible, as I can say 'gracias', 'como estas'. 'de nada' and the likes.

He kept say "" with a slight upward inflection.  I finally realized he was asking if it was 'good'.

I nodded yes, but it wasn't really. It was ok, but good?  No.

He motioned for me to lay on my belly.  I did. He got behind me and hit that hole in penetration. Skilled he was not.

Still, he got in and with every other thrust, I asked, "goo?"

He couldn't really tell me what he was thinking and if he did, I couldn't understand him. He made not big breathing overtures to cumming, and if he made a verbal announcement, it wasn't translatable to me.

I figured he was shooting, but not 100% sure.  And then suddenly he was off me and standing up.

It was my realization that he had finished and was done. That was ok, I kind of was too.



cyberi4a said...

By the photo he looks like he'd be nice to suck on.

Gaysian Guy said...

I usually just ignore messages after a few texts that are incomprehensible haha.