Sunday, September 06, 2015

All Man

We had tried hooking up before. I was looking for a dom man, he claimed to be one. But then timing just never worked out - lots of excuses, even after he said he'd be free. I assumed I was just jo material for some guy. And that was frustrating, because he presented himself where he'd be jo material for me!

He's a dad. He's ex-military. Nice, but not great body, as I'm sure he's been out of the service for 15 yrs or so. 45. About 6.5".  Not sure what service he was in, but has the proverbial mouth of a sailor.

He started his text conversation off with:

"My dick would look good in your mouth".

Long story did.

Felt good too.

It was a nice cock - not an off the charts great one. But you know with me, it's more about attitude than size. Don't get me wrong, size is nice, but this guy knew what he was doing. He was a fucking expert.

He met me at a park near his house. I suppose he wanted to check me out to see I'm not a total psycho. Still, looks can be deceiving. He barely gave me the once over before motioning me to follow him to his house, which turned out to be three doors down from the park.  9 wooded acres. I was hoping we'd play outside, but we went into the entryway to his house.

He told me to get on my knees. I didn't need to be told twice, mostly because that is what I came to do. Secondly, because he told me - not ask me.

The guy was all man about it. The perfect amount of letting me do my thing, forcing me to suck it, fucking my face and letting me take it deep. The verbal was better than good. Totally unscripted, nothing forced - he knew all the right words and his timing was impeccable.

He was a natural.

Oh, and he wanted me to lick his balls, which was fine, but I traveled south and ate his butthole. He loved that. It seems I haven't done that a lot lately, so I went at it with gusto.

He got me on my back, where he then fed me his cock, with my head to the floor. Loved that.

He threw me a little when he goes, "can I shoot on your face?"

Of course he could, but he had led up so much that he wanted to shoot it in my throat, not even let me taste his jizz, it took me by surprise. I barely had a chance to confirm he could when he shot all over my face.

It hit the beard, the cheeks, the head, the neck and yes, my eyes. And even my lips and open mouth. But I could feel it spray everywhere.

When he calmed down, he goes, "there's a dollop on the rug".  I looked and behind me, past my head was a big glob of cum. I don't know what he thought - but I turned over and licked it right off the rug. Tongue extended, lapping his still warm sperm off his Oriental rug.

That made him retain his hard-on. This time, I got a second load out of him, just by sucking, though it didn't go right down my throat - I did get to taste it.

As I was getting myself back together again, he went to look at the rug. "Hey faggot, you did a nice job on the carpet - I don't even need to touch it up.".

We're scheduling a repeat.


LP - Hired Stud said...

nothing sexier than a man who knows how to talk shit during sex..... mmmmm Stud

cyberi4a said...

He sounds like a keeper

cyberi4a said...

He sounds like a keeper