Thursday, September 03, 2015


I swear, the things I'll do for cock. It's almost shameful. Maybe you can even scratch the word 'almost' out of that last sentence.

He hit me up on Grindr.  That probably should have been my first red flag. But he was decent looking - even good looking, but you know, it's a profile pic, so I took it with a grain of salt.

6'2" 180, black, nice body, and a really nice looking cock.

I mean, c'mon - that is a nice piece of meat.

It didn't hurt when he started off the conversation with "I'm a top".  Well, that works for me, because I'm not.  And he was a little more than a mile away.

Unfortunately, he wasn't from this part of the area and didn't know his way around. And the area which I live isn't that easy to get around, so it complicated matters. So the second red flag should have been me agreeing to go pick him up.

I'm never a taxi service for dick. This was literally a first. Hopefully a last.

He looked a little older than his pic when I swung by to get him. I don't think we were in the car for 30 seconds (of a 2 minute ride) when he brought up that he doesn't drive, he's in recovery and living in a half-way house for recovering addicts.

.....and that was the third flag.

Still, I figured, it would be a quick romp and he'd be gone. But it wasn't.

The man knows how to fuck. I mean, really knows how to fuck.

I will admit, sometimes I am in it for the quick scene - the load collection, if you will. This one I had to earn. Though I don't know how much earning I actually did, other than be pinned between him and a desk or the floor. That black slab putting it to me - for an hour. A continual hour. No breaks.

Well, one break. To get from the desk to the floor.

Quickly cumming was not in his wheelhouse. He liked to work for it. He'd hold off - even though I begged him to cum. And I begged. Especially after 30 minutes. The cock was not really tearing me apart - though I might have told him that. Guys like to hear that, no matter how big or small they are.

I've always been pretty honest in this blog, but let's face, it, there is a time in a long long long fuck, where you start to feel unsure of that is going on down there. I felt like he was about to strike oil - or had already done so.

He hadn't, but I didn't know that and wasn't sure of that. But there wasn't any stopping him.

I suppose I could have. At one point he even gave up - but due to my telling him he was tearing me apart. But he noticed that not only did I not move from my face-down position on the floor, but that my ass even raised up a bit.

I was the guy who said 'no' but didn't mean it. I'm probably bad for all the guys who say it and actually mean it - but leave the tops thinking, "yeah - he wants it".

Another 10 minutes and he was planting his seed up my ass.

Another 5 minutes and we were not only back in the car, but I was dropping him off where I picked him up.

He messaged me on Grindr with his email address.  I erased it then blocked him.


LP - Hired Stud said...

HOT session Stud and yes, that was a nice cock.
Just curious, why block him? Don't want to give it another ride sometime?

cyberi4a said...

I give you credit for going to pick him up which I wouldn't have done, credit for not stopping the car at the addict part, and credit for having your ass slammed for an hour.

Mike said...

Not trying to be a downer, but did he use a condom? A recovering addict is probably not the safest thing to do if you're trying to avoid an STD.

Anonymous said...

You know how to clearly express yourself, but this time around I'm not really getting why you didn't feel the need to connect again. The guy sounds like a serious fuck and you've got quite the appetite. Did I miss something?

BikeGuy said...

To be more clear - and I wasn't - during the fuck something about his 'friends' came up. He got extremely serious (almost nasty) and stated, "I don't have any friends -ANY!". I'm not sure if this was a self-induced thing or due to his past behavior. And the more I thought of it, if you have to live in a half-way house, chances are it is not JUST for alcohol. And he was literally 200 blocks away from me - I wasn't going to pick him up and drop him off ever. And the messages were many, not just his email. I didn't want to be his only point of contact.