Friday, September 11, 2015

The Friendly Skies

He contacted me on BBRT - always a good sign.

He was flying in around and to his hotel around 3p. The choice of hotel meant he was flying in more likely as part of a flight crew than someone coming to town for business or pleasure.

At 6'3", 220, beefy and not fat, he seemed to big to be a flight attendant, but you never know. By the time I got there, uniforms were hung up and he was out of the shower, door propped open. He had briefs on, but nothing else.

It was a gorgeous presentation. Shaved head. Goatee. Nice lump in his shorts.

The profile said "Huge" under cock size. I suppose it is all relative. It was nice, don't get me wrong. It was thick as fuck with a good sized head on it. But maybe about 7" long. It was formidable for sure, but I don't know I'd be bold enough to say "huge".

I dropped my shorts immediately. He dropped to his knees. This was a disappointment in a way. BBRT kind of mentioned what we were both into and him being a cocksucker wasn't one of those. But I went with it. He was good, he got me semi stiff, but we both know that wasn't what I was there for.

Him standing up and playing with my nipples got me the rest of the way up - and he noticed.

I hooked my fingers in his shorts and yanked them off. It was a nice site. Already you'd know that even as hard as the cock would get, the head would remain big and spongy. It is a nice combo.

I brought poppers, thinking I would need them just to relax from the size of him. But really it was nothing just some deep breathing couldn't handle. I used them, sure - but not to the extent I thought might be needed. They were mostly for "pleasure" than necessity.

He pushed me back on one of the beds. He ate my ass. Loved that. He did a good job. Not great, but good. We both knew it was time for the main event.

He had me on my back, but twisted a little to my left, my right leg way up in the air. Any protests of me claiming not to be able to take it vanished about 30 seconds after that. He was halfway in, looked right at me and sank the rest of his pole to the hilt.  We both groaned deeply.

Then the fucking started - and he. was. great. at it.

The man is a seasoned pro. He knew how to move his hips, move his cock - the entire works. My ass felt it - all of it - but in a good way. I was full, I was on the border of pleasure and pain, which is a good zip code to reside. At least for me.

He pulled out, had me get on all fours for better leverage for him. Of course I complied.

He was rough going in - but I didn't complain. I didn't want or need to. He was boss right then and knew it. He fucked like a stud in heat. I loved it.

We took a break where I went back to his cock. He kept telling me how much he loved my ass, as he rubbed it. I have to say, that made me way to self-conscious. I know people have hang-ups about their own bodies, and I have mine. My arms aren't big enough. My chest isn't defined enough. And I don't think I have a great ass.

Many a men have told me they like it, but I automatically dismiss them as loons. But this is a guy who knows asses and bodies. He had a really good one. So I tried to take the compliment all the while trying to reevaluate how I think of my ass.

For a while we fucked with me laying flat on the bed. But then it was back on all fours.

I will give him this. He fucked hard and long. He wanted to go longer, but he got too close to the edge and couldn't pull back from the impending orgasm.

He buried himself in me and I just felt twitch after twitch. He just kept unloading into me, saying shit like, "take my fucking DNA".  As if I had a choice. As if I wanted one.

What I loved is that he had no desire to pull out - again, talking about my ass. So many guys pull out so quickly afterward. But he let me milk his shaft with my muscles and didn't squirm about it like some girl.

He eventually slid out and then wanted me to cum. Drats. That was never MY plan.

He started playing with my nipples, which is a sure way to talk me into anything. So I stroked. And he talked. Dirtier than he had when he was fucking me.

He said how he'd like to see another guy fuck me. Maybe his husband. Going ass to mouth -and that his husband has a much bigger dick than he does and how he'd make me squirm, but I wouldn't be able to get away.

Again, he told me how nice my ass was and smacked it a little. I told him he could do better than that - and he picked up the strength. He leaned me over so he could have access to at least one cheek - and then he let me have it.  I rolled over all the way, and he took turns on both of them.

After sitting up, he tested the waters by lightly smacking my face. I smirked a little and he hit much harder. He could have hauled off and really gone at it, but he wasn't sure and I wasn't giving him direction, as I wanted him to make the decisions.

Yes, these things were getting me hard. And they were getting HIM hard. Again.

He pushed me back. I was at the edge of the bed, my legs were up and he just buried his cock back in me. He fucked. But he smacked and he played with my tits. He told me how he'd like to see a few guys just take turns giving me their loads - that I'd go home with them........forever.

I jacked.

He grabbed my jaw and shook my head a little - and then played with my tits one last time.

I couldn't hold off. I didn't want to at this point. I started shooting. He was impressed, until he figured out I had just started shooting and then I came a fuck of a lot more and a fuck of a lot further.

He then slid out of my ass. Two fucks, but only one load.

That's ok.

I cleaned up in his hotel shower, as I was a fucking mess - though I'd have gladly left as is. He walked me down, as he wanted to grab something from the quick stop next door.

On the way down, he said, "you should have told me you were fucking nasty earlier".  My reply was, "you found me on BBRT!".

He laughed. Asked my name and put me in his phone......for his next trip.


John said...

I'm sure your ass is beautiful by most standards, but I'm sure he also was referencing how it felt to be INSIDE your ass. I'd lay money you're in the Top 1 Percentile by that standard.

LP - Hired Stud said...

I hate it when someone with so much potential doesn't do the basic "read" to learn the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, complaining about his cock size, but it sounds like it fit your ass hole rather well. Hope he continues to meat and fuck you up mate.

BlkJack said...

What is it about your ass that you don't like? Drop me a line if you want some advice about your workout routine. I'm a master trainer in the SF Bay Area so I might be able to help.

BlkJack said...

What is it about your ass that you don't like? Drop me a line if you want some advice about your workout routine. I'm a master trainer in the SF Bay Area so I might be able to help.

cyberi4a said...

Airline crews do get around and experience a lot, so your ass must be 'first class'.