Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gloryhole Service II

This story goes back a bit. Maybe a year.

Yeah - it's not timely, but all the truly interesting encounters I've had recently you've already read. Sure, I've had the standard blowjob scenes. I drop to my knees. They shoot. They leave.

I love doing them, but they're not always interesting to write about.

Anyways, you might remember me going to a gloryhole about a year and a half ago.  A month or so after that, I returned. Twice, actually.

The first time, there were two guys on the other side of the hole.

They switched off sucking me. One was clearly better than the other and the host was he. I endured the tag team sucking for a bit. Then the host stuck his ass up to the hole and I fucked it.

Yes me.

I could hear muffled conversation through the thick door. Both seemed to really like my cock - one from a feeling perspective, the other from a visual one.

I had been primed from getting blown, but you know the gloryhole is a huge turn on for me, so I blew up the guy's ass without asking, not that he could have easily heard me. But I was boning him raw, so he knew the score - I assume.

On my next trip there, the host was on the other side of the door and two other guys. Either they got together regularly, or word about my cock and me coming over spread like wildfire. Personally, I like to think it was the latter and that guys needed to see it to believe it. It's probably not true, and they were probably there to get high or something, but still.......

Once again, I got tag teamed sucked. Now by three. And one was intent on stroking me. No thank you. IF I ever wanted to jack off, I'll do it. I'm not letting some putz choke my chicken to get me off when there is at least one willing hole to take my cock and seed.

Then two of the guys took turns riding my pole with their hole. For the life of me, I cannot find the video I took of it.

In the video, which I showed to 1 or 2 folks, I mention that I wanted the other guy's ass because it felt better. It was insinuated by one person who saw the video that I was rude to say that.


I don't fuck much and I sure as hell wasn't going to be browbeaten into giving an undeserving ass my load. The deserving one, I believe, was the host's butt, though I can't be sure.  The third guy didn't take cock up the ass, he only sucked. So he was out of luck here. At least with me. Who knows how many other guys they had coming over.

I could hear talking on the other side, but not making out many words. Though they switched asses here and there, I knew which was the better hole. I've gone months without cumming, I could certainly hold off a few minutes to deliver it to the correct portal.

Finally, the one guy slid off my cock. I could almost feel the breeze, as no mouth or ass enveloped it.

Then I felt it.  Warm warm warm goo hitting my shaft.

The guy I was fucking only pulled off because he was close - not because I was.

The jizz wasn't wasted. It became lube for the host.

He bent over and in went my cock - into the better hole. So not only was he getting my cock and eventually my load, but he was getting another load as well. That one wasn't be shot deep into him, as much as being smeared on the walls of his rectum. Either way, he was taking it. And willingly.

I pounded the ass, but all you could hear was me banging against the wooden door. That thing is secure as fuck. It buckled here and there, but it is never going to give way.

I lasted maybe another 5 minutes before I emptied into his bowels. He was good about not pulling off or milking it too much. He let me expel all my babies and slip out naturally.

I bent over, pulled my pants up and walked down the stairs. It was a hot scene that would never be repeated. At least, so it seems.


cyberi4a said...

I for one don't mind reading quick blow and go stories. When you read sex blogs at work, they all help to pass the time until quicking time......LOL

When you think about it, having a few buddies over for home glory hole hooks up could mean there is a cock for every person. If you don't like what comes through the hole, a buddy might. Makes everyone happy.

Happy Cuck said...

I know i'm straight so have no place in commenting here(I'm guessing anyway?) but as a fan of raw naughty sex i thought i'd just drop a quick comment saying i like your blog and will be defiantly keeping an eye on future posts

Always have wanted to watch my wife at a gloryhole, think the buzz would be intense of 100% anon fun for all involved, hope you enjoyed topping for a change :)


LP - Hired Stud said...

There is no rudeness at a glory hole... fuck that!

Now if we were lounging in your bed as a three way relationship and you said that...... well yeah, that's rude, but there are no rules at a glory hole, just hot, getting your nut sex! MMMMMMMMM

BlkJack said...

I remember the previous scene from last year. Your sexy commanding voice was such a huge turn on. I need to listen again. Thanks for a great post.