Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving Day

Via email, we agreed to meet up the following morning.  This morning, actually. Today. An almost real-time post.

It turns out, I'd been "with" him before. But in the past it was via a smart phone app, this time it was a CL ad and an email address I didn't recognize. Nor did I recognize the address. I knew the road, but there are a dozen and a half apartment buildings in a 3/4 mile stretch. Chances are I've been in most of them for  - well, you know.

Only pulling up to it this morning did I realize I've been here before. The last time maybe six months ago. I hesitated, but I drove 20 minutes in morning rush-hour traffic. Fuck it, I was going in.

I was buzzed in and then knocked at his door. The dishwasher was running - loudly at that. He also had porn and music playing. Porn with volume. The noises made it all seem disjointed.

I also noticed, save some big pieces of furniture, the apartment was bare. He was moving, he told me. I didn't ask where. I didn't really care where.

He was already naked. I dropped my clothes. I walked in, dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Italian, he is. Decent cock, but not great. He's a fur monster. Hair everywhere. Not tons on top of the head, but everywhere else - back, chest, balls, legs, ass.

Ass. Yes. A hairy ass.

Before you knew it, I was on my back and he was sitting on my face. My tongue was buried up his fuck hole - though it's doubtful he ever gets fucked. I don't think he's the bottoming kind.

He loved the way I munched on that hole. He LOVED the way I got it sopping wet and then blew air on to it. He shivered. He moaned. He said 'fuck!'.....a lot.

I was doing my job. And well.

Then his cell rang. And it was one of those fucking obnoxious rings like it was music from a battle scene in 'Braveheart' or something. Something you'd roll your eyes at if you heard it go off in Starbucks.

"No....the movers are coming. I'll have to catch up with you later, some faggot is eating my ass right now.    .....yeah."

And then he hangs up.

The conversation wasn't even extended to, "no, there really is.....".  They must know each other enough to take the other's word as gospel and not expound upon it.

While I ate, he was so excited he jacked. But he over-excited himself. I wasn't technically going to be sucking him off completely.

He backed up. I extended my tongue. He shot with pretty good precision. Save for one drop, it all landed in my mouth.

I'm glad it didn't get in my eye. I didn't want a red sore eye all morning - and I was going to have do drive due east - right into the morning sun. That would have been a double pain.

As I dressed, he casually mentioned: "this is the last load in this apartment".

Let's hope the new owners clean up really well.


cyberi4a said...

I was sucking a guy once when the phone rang and he had a conversation with a guy about what was happening and even put me on the phone to tell the guy what I was doing. It was actually hot.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I gotta say that the trivial dismissal and blatantly derogatory nature of it all was pretty hot.