Monday, September 28, 2015


The other day I was "required" to fast.

Don't ask. Deep down you don't really care.

But I was horny. VERY horny.

I've had some good encounters this month, most of which you've already read about. But overall, September has been a shitty month for me, in terms of getting laid. My numbers are down (and yes, I'm keeping a detailed count for 2015). So yeah, I was fucking horny. Yet I was trying to be true to my 25 hour fast.

I thought I could suck cock, since I"m not really "eating" it and then get a facial. I'd try my hardest not to let any dribble into my mouth {wink}.

It was what I thought would be the perfect loophole.

The only problem was, trying to find someone who would be willing just to give you a one-person bukkake.

Oh, i advertised for it. I even put in a part about me fasting and having a loophole, hoping that it would entice someone. Maybe it scared them off. Maybe they didn't want their load going to waste dripping down someone's cheeks or caught in some random guy's beard.

I can't blame them for that, if that be the case. I don't think any load should go wasted. I think the money shot is important for pictures here and there, but that's about all. Semen should be ingested or absorbed.

Maybe everyone else was thinking this too.

I got two responses.

One told me "it's not cheating".  He gave me stats, I expressed interest. He suddenly died. Or that's how I back-storied it.

The second guy, with a good 11" black cock asked if I was "free now!". I answered within 60 seconds of getting the email, but unfortunately, he succumbed to the same illness or accident as the first guy.

Alas, the fates had other plans for me. I would be completing my fast - loophole or no loophole. But at least for a few hours, I was distracted by the possibility of finding an out.


Bruce Chang said...

I would have gotten a kick out of that ad. And have chosen not to die like everyone else in September. And yeah, I'm a bit curious as to the tally for 2015...

Anonymous said...

Would this day have been last Wed.? (Been there, done that.)

cyberi4a said...

Oh well you tried. Short of kneeling in a gay bar with a sign asking for a facial, what else could you do. Oh wait, I just answered that question didn't I...hehe

LP - Hired Stud said...

Gotta love those "free now" guys who were only available for 1 minute. UGH!

Mike said...

Happy new year!

BlkJack said...

I especially hate the one's that advertise a huge cock then get into some horrible accident just as they're leaving their home. But, funny how they are resurrected a few months later just to tease you again...of course end up dragging me into the a bad episode of Ground Hog Day with the enticement of a huge cock.

Anonymous said...

I get horny on Yom Kippur too. its a throwback to high school - my parents were at shul all day, and inevitably my boyfriend would make his way to my house.

I've become slightly more observant these days - I unlock the door before sundown, sleep naked, and let him cum on me.