Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Times

I met him on craigslist.

On that site, I am more often bait for black guys than anywhere else. Mind you, I'm not complaining. And I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'll post images of me - usually one servicing white cock and one servicing black.

I do this to let guys know I'm open to both without having to spell it out for them. I tend to notice that guys on hook-up sites don't really read the written component and tend to go toward the graphic portion. I can be the same way. The hottest guy out there could be a total bottom and I'll miss that part well........because he's the hottest guy out there.

He (I have no name to even make a fake name off of) is most likely straight. I get that many guys say that, and mostly I don't believe them. This one I do. And seemingly on the DL big time. But I can work with that. I actually fucking dig it too. A lot.

You know me - guys who cheat or do it on the side somehow kick it up a notch for me. And that they come to me to relieve them? Even better! I like being that chosen one.

For the last month or so - I've been helping this dude out once a week. He wants me to be "his" cocksucker - and in a way I am. I'm not only his. But I'm his only. Though he would like to see me suck others - but no one black. Just white dudes. He wants to be the only dark skinned man in the room.

He's probably 35. 5'10" 200. He is just slightly doughy. Ever so slightly. I believe that until recently he wasn't that way, but just let it slide.

His 7.5" dick makes up for it. He says it's 8.5", but it's not. He might be 7.75". It's still a very respectable cock. And it is thick.

And he always has a five o'clock shadow. Maybe a little heavier but not a full beard.

I would like for him to stand for his blowjobs, and he might start out that way, but he insists on sitting. Of course, I can work with that, but it doesn't make me feel as subservient.

The man appreciates a good blowjob. Yes, I'm talking myself up here. He says it's the best head he's ever had, so who am I to say he's wrong?

To him - I'm his "white, cocksucking faggot".  To him - "he's a got a great big nigger dick"  His words - not mine.

His cock fits nicely in my mouth. I love how it fills up the empty cavity. I can suck it for a long long period of time, but now and then, he loves it when I make a small ring of my index finger and thumb and ever ever ever so barely touch his shaft when my mouth is going up and down on that BBC. That slight touch makes him tremble even more than my mouth alone can do.

I hate having to use my hand, and it's not a full on jack-off / suck thing. It's just something for additional stimulation. And it always makes him cream - and he has huge loads.

The first time with me, I taught him to grab my throat so he can feel me swallow. I've never had to reeducate him on this. I kind of wish he'd grab tighter, but that's ok. I can deal with it as is.

The thing is - every time he cums, he remains hard. And he doesn't mind me, or stop me, going back down on him.

Actually, every time he has been with me, I've been able to milk two loads out of him and usually the second is as just as productive as the first. And oddly, the second is so much easier to obtain. This stumps me.

And oddly enough, his cock isn't sensitive after the first load, but I can't even touch it after the second.

But hey - he's mid-30s, so maybe his rebound time is good. Very good.

As of right now, I'm his white cocksucker.


Mark Greene said...

I don't think I'll ever get race play. It's one of the strangest and most offensive types of play out there. Well, other than shitting on someone. Now THAT takes the cake !

The Male Casting Couch

Anonymous said...

Lucky fuck bro is! I wish I had me a good white cocksucker!