Saturday, October 31, 2015

Drill Baby Drill

So my last meeting of the weekend was yet another repeat.

"Dr. Dave" is a dentist. For the life of me I think I would have written about the first encounter, so I could like you to it, but I can't find it.

The DDS is taller than I, by about two inches. I think I forgot this until I opened the door.

Backing up a bit - while I was in town, he saw me on Scruff and messaged me. He like at least one other guy was 'taken'. How he got out of the house, I don't know. Last time, I know I played at his place while he was alone. And did it in their bed, which is always hot.

Our messages were suggestive, but not blunt. He had plans, but "maybe later".  Until Sunday morning when being coy went out the window when he asked, "you want my load?"

I'm guessing you know my answer. He knocked on my door 20 minutes later.

Handsome, but looking a little tired, a little older. But then I suppose we all do. Last time I was wow'd by his kiss. This time, not so much. Again, I'd been kissed a lot in the last 12 hours and fucked a lot too.

Dave, last time, was deviously dirty. He seemed very straight-laced, but had hints of what floated below the surface. Last time, it got to the point where he 'never fucked' to where he fucked me bare. So.....there's that. I don't know if it was a pretense or if it was real, but either way, I think we both got what we truly wanted.

This time, we stripped down immediately, not that I had far to go.

I remembered how he liked two things I did - suck his cock and eat his ass. So I did both those things. He was moaning up a storm. I was doing something right.

Dave isn't huge, but he sports a nice sized cock.

And the ass is perfect to eat - covered with dark blonde fur, nice tight clean hole to munch on and tongue. He would just moan or have labored breathing while I did my job. He told me it "fucking feels great".  My response was, "that's my job".

Dave became a little assertive - not that I'm complaining.  "Get on your back".  I did. And with no pretense - or lube - he stuck his cock up my ass.

Now, maybe it was because he's fucked me before and he was comfortable with it / me, or maybe he was horny, or maybe he just dropped the fucking pretense of pretending not to fuck guys he doesn't really know. Either way - we both were winners.

After a few minutes, he told me to sit on his cock and ride it.

That I did. I will do it, but it's not always my favorite position. I liked looking at him, how he was gritting his pretty pearly whites - concentrating on the fuck. He was into it. But this lasted only a few minutes before he told me to get on my belly, face down.

Here he really went to town. He just fucked the hell out of me. If he knew I had other loads still up my ass - all the loads, actually - he never let on or said a word.

As he was getting closer, and everything about him (his breathing, his pace, his voice) was telling me he was ready to explode, he asked where I wanted it. I told him to keep fucking me. And he did. He drilled my ass until he just went balls deep and unloaded, adding a sixth load to my ass.

He just lay on top of me for a few minutes, gathering his strength. I felt him soften enough that he was just going to do that uncomfortable feeling of slipping out of me. And he did.

There was no fuss. No muss. No guilt. He just stood up, gathered his clothes and kissed me goodbye and let.

Who knows - maybe in another few years it will happen again.

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cyberi4a said...

I don't like riding it either, doesn't feel like you're being used.