Monday, November 14, 2005

Backroom-Like Sex

So I answered a craigslist ad for a guy who was in town and wanting a backroom/bookstore like experience in his hotel room.

He wanted me to come in to his room - and all the lights would be off. He'd be against the wall and I was to get on my knees and service him.

Seemed straightforward enough. A friend of mine told me I was nuts and was asking to for soemthing else to happen in that situation. I didn't think of it that way and was pretty sure I'd have it under control.

The man was a little shorter than I anticipated - maybe 5'5" or so. I'm 6'2". The hotel was so dark it was really difficult to make out any distingusihing feature. So in that regard, it was like a backroom encounter.

He was ok verbally - but could have been much more aggressive....or at least had low backroom moans. His dick was a nice 6.5" that curved to his right. A decent mouthful. I also milked out an ok (at best) load that had little to no flavor....which was unfortunatel

However when he came - then he was verbal. No chance the rooms on either side of him - and across the hall - and anyone walking down the hall didn't hear him.

He wanted me to come afterward - which was not part of the deal. And though i'm not normally a feeder, it was a non-negotiable deal when he said he didn't take loads in his mouth.

I thanked him and left. Maybe he'll want more backroom head while he's in town. I'm still up for that. I'm not a fool.

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