Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday I had what was probably my first grown-up nooner.

Never before have I left work to go out to lunch - let alone to hook-up w/someone for sex. Well...I didn't actually get lunch yesterday, but I was full by the time I returned.

I got a referral call. A guy who knows a guy I would occasionally do. It was cool that my cellphone was given out..I can deal w/that. This guy - Lou - thought I could help him out and that he was in 'a bad way'. I said I could after work, but he insisted that it would have to be NOW.

As much as I'd like to 'entertain' in my office, the reality wasn't really possible. I mean, in my old job, I would do that now and again, but in this place I wasn't really comfortable w/it. But the more he talked, the more my dick stiffened. He was hooking me - whether he knew it or not. I thought abuot it and figured I lived 5 minutes away and no one was home. I told him when and where to pick me up.

He was there at the appointed time. Not bad looking. Early 50s. Dark hair w/some grey. And a wedding ring. I love the wedding ring. Though sitting, I guessed he was shorter (turns out to be about 5'7"). His pants were unzipped and his dick was out but under his sweater. He had me hold onto it the entire ride to my place. Rock hard and about 7".

Now I just assumed that since the guy who referred him to me had only recieved head, that this is what I was being pimped out for. I was wrong. This guy wanted ass. He wanted MY ass. Correction: he just wanted ass. I happened to be there.

I'm as game as the next guy but I had to coax him to get some lube on there before he pushed in me. Did I say 'pushed'? Crammed. That'd be more accurate. He fucked w/no finesse at all. Pounded, but not quite jack-rabbity. For all his talk about fucking me for hours - he came in about 10 minutes. Lucky for me the windows were shut and the house isn't really near anyone else. The man let loose aurally. Louder than most anyone I'd been with.

I thought, well, this was ok....but I'm not sure I'd do this least with him. But he wasn't done. The man was still hard. He wanted to at least stick it in again. I was down w/it - and his load made it a lot easier to take (why is it that sometimes even smaller cocks tend to make me ache more than bigger ones? this is what people mean when they say it's not the size, it's in how you use it. completely true!!!).

He fucked me for almost another 10 minutes before dumping another scum load up my hole. But still he wasn't done. This man was a walking Viagra ad - though he swears he didn't take any. As a teen, I never had a hard-on like this - even after two ejaculations. He was still hard after he dumped the third one in me too.

Sweat covered him and was dripping onto me. He kept his dick up there and wanted to feel me shoot so I'd contract around his shaft. Normally I don't cum during sex...since I am usually there to take care of the other guy - but I had 6 days worth that I hadn't even jo'd to and felt the need.

It took me no time at all to get close. He cupped his hand around me and caught the load. He pulled out of me smeared his cock w/my cream and shoved himself back in. He wanted to go for a forth time - but I had to make an appearance back at the office.....and take a shower before that.

Sure, there'd have been a time I would have loved to just put my suit back on and smell to high heavens - but this job, I cannot do that. Bad enough I was going back w/three loads of spooge up my hole.

A guy has got to do what he has got to do. Would I do him again? Probably not. Was it an experience I shant soon forget? Absolutely. (but to be fair - of the 1000s of encounters I've had, I remember most all of them.)

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