Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas I

So I'm back from Vegas and had a nice relaxing time away from work. Though I took my laptop w/me, I never ever unpacked it - which not only meant no temptation to check work email, but no on-line cruising. I had to use my initial pre-internet hunting abilities.

The plus on that is - it keeps my skills honed. The other plus is that though the actual act of hooking-up might be difficult, cruising and getting cruised in Vegas is not so difficult. I'm sure I have major self-esteem issues (um.....this blog and its entries for two things), but there is somthing satisfying to have guys turn and look at me w/some lust built in there. Was I objectified? Maybe. Did I care? Not a fuckin' bit. I feel like Rudolph. "I'm cute.....I'm cute.....he thinks I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuttte." I'm pathetic.

That being said, I did have three encounters in my four days. This is one.

Staying at the luxury hotel was nice (not naming which move on). I was in a more upscale section which had it's own lobby - which guests could only get to and that included a bathroom that those guests could only use. At the entrance to that lobby, a doorman was always situated to keep out the riff-raff. Oh - if they ONLY knew.

Day one I went in and out a few times and made major eye contact w/one of the concierges. I'd say he was under 30. 6ft, dark blond hair. Always a grey suit and crisp white shirt - along w/that damn secret service earpiece everyone in Vegas hospitality wears.

On day two he was in the lobby greeting guests and saw me. Off to the side of the lobby is that restroom. He looked at me and headed to it. I followed a minute or so behind him. I knew the look. I've seen it before. I've *given* it before.

The restroom was quite posh. Two urinals w/flat screen monitors in front of them. Two sinks behind you if you're draining the monster. But on either side of the room are two stalls. And not ordinary stalls. 3.5'x8'x12'. Full door that closes and locks.

When I walked pushed the outer door open he was entering one of the stalls. He looked back and stepped in, but did not shut the door. I walked over - and in - shut the door, clicked the lock. He just stood there, so I took my hand and cupped his crotch. Solidly packed. Now time for idle chit-chat, so I sat on the john. He stepped up.

I looked at his crotch and unzipped him, but he went in and hauled it out. 6.5" and fat. Very veiny and raring to go. I lowered my head and took his in my mouth. Before I could go down all the way on him - he pushed into me. The end result is it was where we both wanted to be, just a different road. " I need this" he practically hissed. That was to be almost the only verbal I got after that.

His hips were about as active as my head bobs. It was an immediate rhythm we established and both of us knew time was limited. He flexed his dick in my mouth. I used some great tongue action on the underside of his shaft. Way too soon he put his hand on my head. Hell, I wasn't going anywhere - but I guess there was no way for him to know it.

One or two nice volleys of seed came out and I thought he might be done - but then it must have just oozed. Completely flooded the cavity that is my mouth. It brought a low guttural moan from him - but he kept it in check. He really did need this. But so did I. The amount of sperm was amazing. The taste was nothing to speak of - one way or the other...but I took it. All of it.

He pulled out and stroked his shaft deep to rid himself of any fluid still trapped on the route up to the head. A nice big drop appeared. I held out my tongue and he stepped forward to wipe it on the extension before him. He kind of smirked a bit.

I sat there really enjoying what just happened as he tucked himself back in and zipped up. As he reached for the door, he turned to me, and w/his exceptional customer service skills said: "Enjoy your stay with us Sir."

I did.

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