Monday, November 28, 2005

Stop! Or I'll........Shoot!!!!

It's so wrong to lust after a cousin - isn't it? I mean, so much of what I do is considered wrong by society anyway what is one more thing on the list? But take a look @ him.

Throw a cop uniform on him and it's THAT much hotter. He is a cop too -
just not in it for the uniform (unlike me). They say that most cops never discharge their weapon their entire career. This cannot be said for my cousin. In his somewhat brief career - he's shot/killed two people on two separate occasions. Anything else he'd like to fire off is ok w/me too.

And speaking of shooting off....masturbation just isn't what it used to be, at least most of the time. Sexually, I still have major needs. But whacking-off isn't one of them - at least in the frequency of how I used to do it. My bigger fear is that less excites me. Am I too jaded?

That being said, last Friday I jacked off in my office during the work day. The need was there. I had also gotten a call from a guy who wanted to fuck me sometime in the upcoming week. He went into great detail about how and where. I closed, but not locked, my door. I didn't intend to pull the pud. Rub through my suit, perhaps. But he told me to pull it out - and I did. He made me stroke it until I blew a 4-day load.

As much as I would have loved to put it on my desk, I couldn't take that risk and into the garbage can it spewed. There to sit for hours until a environmental service worker took my seed away. To be deposited w/the garbage where so much other semen goes. My loose sperm mixed in a trash dump w/1000s of used condoms and other perverts who've jacked off in their offices.

Is THAT the ultimate anonymous sex?

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