Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad Attitude IV

(this is the last in this series)

For quite awhile the ulitimate man used me as he wished, when he wished. I gladly obliged.

If he didn't call (which he did not do frequently), sometimes I'd come across him as I cruised a park. Once I orally satisfied him in the woods. Once he had me do it in his little sports car. There was no hiding from anyone driving by - nor did he want to be covert. He was putting on a fucking show and I knew it.

This one time he used me to pick up another guy. He was a little clone-ish, but it's what my guy (he was never mine) wanted. He allowed me to come back to his place while he used the guy. It was more of a show - 'my guy' showing off his huge fat dick. The other guy on a bench of some type. Both of them finally getting off on each other while I stood near - just stroking my faggot dick. Afterward, I got berated for not cumming on the other guy's face while I stood near it. It had never occurred to me that I could. I was barely acknowledged let alone given any type of permission. I thought I knew my place. The line in the sand least for that encoutner.

A few weeks later would actually be the last time that we'd be together. Only I didn't know it. He most likely did. I was summoned over and naturally I dropped everything and was over in a flash. Clothes (but my briefs) were left at the door. We went through the drill of me sucking his big prong. He relished in me gagging on it. He always did. I'm guessing he loved it w/all his cocksuckers - reinforcing his masculinity and his ego.

On the floor - he got me on my knees and pulled my briefs (or as he called them 'panties') to the side so he had exposure to my hole. He was forcing that rod in w/only his spit as lube. I protested that I couldn't take it. His repsonse was, "you always say that - but you always do!" I had no argument there. I always fought it initially - but ended up taking the deep strokes he delivered.

After a pumping on the floor he pulled me up onto his platform bed that is situated in front of two windows that face a somewhat major street. My underpants permanently stretched out at this point, he went right back to pumping my butt. He leans in and says - "the guys across the street are watching. They always do when I'm fucking someone." It was dark out and I couldn't tell - but mostly b/c I was being drilled hard by that point.

In another 10 minutes he pretty much finished up - by pumping a load up my ass...which as always, I savored and loved that he did. As from the other stories - he wasn't one to have his load wasted, and I'm sure there was no shortage of men to accept it. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

On my way out and getting to my car, I looked up across the street - and true to his word there were two guys sitting in the window looking over at me and his residence.

As I said - unfortunate to be my last time, but it was probably better not to know going in.

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