Monday, November 07, 2005

Vegas II

Upon checking into our unnamed hotel, I noticed a guy in line to do the same. He struck me, only b/c of his mohawk. I mean - when is the last time you saw a guy w/a full-on mohawk? Sure, 1982 I saw em all the time. Not so much these days. But as I was gathering my luggage, another guy joined him. Smaller and what you could tell was a gorgeous body. I didn't stick around and headed upstairs.

Later the next day I saw them stride through the casino in all white suits. Head to toe. I had no idea if they were 'an act', or just dressed like that for the fun of it. I guess they could have been going to a wedding - but clearly Nevada does not recognize same sex marriage, so they weren't getting married.

It was the next day I really saw them. First the MohawkMan, while I was laying out by the pool. But it was hot and I dove in the water. When I came up, his bf was there, stretching. And I do mean stretching. Almost putting on a show. On the ground, legs spread, so as I was in the pool, slightly below him, I got a clear shot of his nuts. As I scanned upward - he was looking right at me looking right at him. Even through both our sunglasses (yes, I had them on in the pool - persription, I'm blind w/out them) we both knew we made the connection.

He looked over his shoulder to verify what I already knew - his bf was like Rip VanWinkle. Dead to the world. After a few more minutes of him stretching, adjusting himself, checking to make sure I was looking at him - and me licking my lips ever so slightly, he got himself together and started to head in - but not before motioning w/his head to follow him.

I dried off and threw on a shirt and my sandals. He was waiting at the elevator. We went upstairs w/out a word and then he keyed into his room. There he stood a few feet into the entry, hands on hips...waiting. I went over and got to my knees and slowly but deliberetly pulled down his red trunks. Up sprang a nice uncut piece of meat....probably 6", but not yet hard. Immediately I put it into my mouth b/c I wanted to make sure I got to taste the head and slip my tongue under the case when it stiffened, the foreskin disappeared.

I love the way the head of an u/c dick feels. The skin must protect it better b/c the head always feels softer and silkier. There were no worried about the skin going away. He had enough of it to play w/and he seemed to like how my tongue traveled between the his head and the skin as it ran in circles around both. He also expanded to a good full 8".

For the first time he said "oh yeah!" I realized he was german. His command of the english language was fair, but the heavy german accent (and his german sausage) really got me going. His dick became erect while in my mouth - a feat that I love to accomplish. Have it grow and fill the orafice that I've used (or have others used it?) for 27 yrs or so to give men pleasure. There is somthing powerful in knowing I help achieve that.

Like most feeders, his hands found my head...and his hips stated moving too. But we didn't continue that too long. I was surprised when he had me stand and swallowed my 8". He did a good job at it too...but it's not what I wanted.

I got him onto the bed where his feet were on the floor, but him on his back. I got on back on my knees and and ate dick. Stroked it too - as i love seeing that foreskin move around his thick shaft and head. I ate lower too - getting his taint and then to his hole. Even though he was clean - he still had that european funk smell, which I like too. I dove in. He squirmed. I snaked in as far as I could. His dick was like steel as he stroked it.

He pulled himself up farther on the bed - his dick standing straight up. Taking the initative, I sat on his lap, though not quite on his dick. He rubbed it around my backside while we played w/each other's chest. Not even noticing it sitting there, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the hotel lotion (was he jacking earlier?) and opened it up. He poured it in his hands and not rubbed it on his cock. I'm not a rocket scientist, but figured out what was going on.

Still sitting on him, I lifted myself up so he could position himself. Lowering myself, I felt him hit target. We both did. He had a dirty look in his eye as he lifted his hips a bit and pushed it in a little. Normally with a dick that size, I wouldn't mind a hit of poppers, but I didn't have them. I soldiered on and pushed back onto him. He had about half in me when he played w/my nipples - which just gets me going and had me buck back against him more - sinking even more of his shaft into me.

Taking his hands of my chest he got more lotion and started stroking my cock. I had to have him stop since that could have put me over the edge. We were working a rhythm w/him fucking me and it was going to his nuts. They weren't long, deep and hard strokes - it can be very difficult to achieve that when sitting on someone's prick.

The problem I do have is the easiest way to get me to ejaculate is to have me sit on a dick. Most of the time during sex, I never even cum. I am intent on getting the other guy off, but I've never found it my place to shoot my wad (g-d, that sounds so 70s porn). But riding a dick like this, I can cum w/out touching myself. And it was going to happen and nothing I could do about it.

I grabbed my cock and helped it along since IF I were going to do this - I wanted a show. I performed flawlessly. I let out a nice load that hit his chest and one rope up to his neck. There was a few days in me so it looked impressive.

Another problem I have is cumming first. I can't always keep riding a cock after I get off. But the position was a little uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes anway. I pulled off his dick and got on my back, but he didn't get between my legs. Had I waited another minute, he could have popped up my ass....but I didn't anticipate that.

I had flopped on my back and he came right to the side of my face. His dick an inch away, he stroked and said, in his accent, "open!". As I was opening my mouth, he put a few fingers in to pry it open wider. I assumed he'd shove the cock that was just up my ass in my mouth - but he didn't. He got close and fired off rounds of german sperm. Most hit my open mouth. Some hit my lips....some my goatee. It just kept coming. His groan so loud there was no way the rooms nearby could not hear. I didnt care.

I licked my lips and scooped up what I had missed and ate it all. Then got myself together and headed back to the pool w/out him. I still wanted some sun. When I got there, his bf was awake. A few minutes later the guy came down. I was far enough away not to hear much - but know they were speaking in german. The bf looked over at me then turned back to his bf.

I'd have loved to known exactly what was said and how i was critiqued.

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