Monday, December 05, 2005


Friday night I had a dream. Not the ambiguous kind where you don't know what object are meant to represent reality.

No...this one was quite graphic.

It started before I began to remember I'm not sure what the entire lead-in might have been. But as I came to recognize it, the dream was in full swing.

A man was there. A gruff, semi-attractive (in my sense) man. Though he had no clothes on he was a greasy sort. Long-ish stringy hair. Beard. A no-shit attitude. And a long, thick hose.

There were no words at first....but then he just started to piss on me. ALL over me. A heavy heavy flow. I was naked from the waist down, but he was splashing my face and my sea-foam green Izod (eeek....wearing that should have turned this into a fuckin' nightmare!).

At this point, my (dream) boyfriend walked in an caught us. You now how dreams go - In the dream you know it's your house, even though it is no place you've ever seen? This is my boyfriend I've never seen, but in the dream knew he was attached to me.

The man looked up at him - then at me. He sneered and kept right on pissing all over me. Telling me to open up - meaning my mouth. I oblige.

He looks up at me knowing my dream bf can see/hear. He tells me he's gonna fuck me - and gonna fuck me hard. Then he gets into position behind me. The door slams and looking over my shoulder - the bf is gone.

Now I bet you're thinking two things: one is - I woke up having to go the bathroom very badly. And you'd be wrong. The second is - that I'm horny as fuck. There you would be right. This dry spell is having me on the fuckin verge of wet dreams - and possibly a wet bed.

And even in my dreams - I'm a cheap, two-timing, cheating whore. Go figure.

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