Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oral Push-Up

Finally the dry spell (pre-Thanksgiving, I might add!) is over!

Yesterday evening I got an email from a semi-regular (see the entry "Too Late" on August 19th) to come drain his nuts. (We've had many sessions which I could incorporate into this email, but will hold off on when I have another dry-spell....and I will have one!) I emailed back and said I'd be there in half an hour. I was right on time. A good cocksucker should be punctual.

Normally, his door is ajar and I just walk in to find him one place or the other (again, more on that w/additional stories). Today his door was shut, but I'm assuming that had something to do w/the 16F temperature. He was waiting for me and opened it as I approached.

"Upstairs" was the only command. I walked ahead of him to his bedroom at the top of the stairs. Even though I 'believe' he lives alone, he shut the door - then turned off the lights. By the time he approached me, I was sitting on the edge of his bed (complete w/leather sheets). He stood in front of me, slowly undoing the string to his sweat pants. He dropped them just below his balls.

I dropped to the floor - sitting in front of him - his cock just above my mouth. My back still pressed to the end of the bed. I leaned up and took his soft penis into my mouth. For as non-verbal as he started out, after a few years he's getting better. No actual words - but moans, groans and sighs. It's as close to dirty talk as I think he's going to get.

But my mouth on his dick did make him groan. He let me work it for awhile. It grew to full erection in almost no time. I know he loves it when I dance my tongue on the underside of his shaft - and that's just what I did. He always moans at this and his dick always becomes more stiff. By doing this I also knew that it would put him at a place where he'd take over, sooner than later. He always takes over. That is a given.

But for the moment I got to work that dick w/my mouth. Taking him to the pubes. Pulling almost all the way off. He positioned himself closer so I could take it deep. He worked his foot under my ass and pressed his big toe to my hole as he leaned down to play w/my left nipple. Granted it was through my sweatshirt, but he knew the reaction it would get. He knew that if he continued this and he opted to spread my cheeks and slide up my ass, he could. This did not happen.

What he did do is really lean into me - making my head go back against his bed. My neck was right at the edge of the bed, so he could bend my head almost onto the bed itself. This gave him a very nice angle to push in - and trap me between his rock hard thighs (I'm guessing he is 2-5% body fat) and the bed itself.

Once this was accomplished, he decided to force feed me. Not face fuck. But push it deep....and hold it making me work it by simple process of gasping for breath. I wasn't cut off really, but he knew my mouth attempting to get some air would pulsate around his rod. I so wanted to grab his balls, but knew my hands were still freezing from the outside weather. I didn't want to shock him.

But eventually my hands had a mind of their own. I took his nuts in my palm and wrapped my fingers around both of them. I manipulated, massaged and tugged on them. He fuckin loved it. The unfortunate thing in doing this was, I inadvertently sped up the process to get him to ejaculate. Sure, I'm guessing we both could have let this go on for awhile. Maybe he had better things to do than fool w/some cocksucker.

He was getting close. I could tell from his 'fuck yeah!' as he not only crammed in my mouth, but put his hands on the bed, bascially doing push-ups on my mouth. He had his dick wedged in my mouth good and deep. I tried to get him to pull out a little b/c I hate to not taste the seed. Anyone can cream your throat - but what's the point? I think the sperm is there to be savored and enjoyed. The eater gets to experience it - and the feeder gets to know that his seed was appreciated and enjoyed on all levels.

I succeed in getting him to pull back ever so slightly. This might have been a mistake. I wasn't in the best position to take the load w/out gagging a bit. Normally I wouldn't - but I know from experience how much this guy shoots - even on single day loads. This was a 5 day back-up.

Then it happened. He let loose. Torrents of jizz. It just filled the cavity that is my mouth. The warmth and taste spread across my tongue and tastebuds. I wanted to hold it, but the angle was such that his scum just began to slide down my throat. I did save enough that when he eventually did pull out, he did what I like him to do - grab my throat tightly so he could feel me gulp what remaining semen was there to gulp.

The ending is always usual. Me showing myself out and thanking him. Me getting little to no response from him. Impersonal? To some. I'm good w/it.

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