Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Dry Spell

I knew there'd be a dry spell around the holidays. There usually is. Everyone rushing around shopping, partying or traveling. All tense and wound up - and in need of release. Ironic isn't it? The time of year I can be of service the best - and no one has time to drop a load!

But I have two days off at the end of this week - and I will make the most of them. Already have feelers out there for people who might want to start their day w/a little action.

Two years ago I took every Friday from T-giving to New Years off. It was great. I had quite a few dicks to service - but one I did every single Friday. Each time a little different too.

Each time would start with me pulling to the house and the door open. It was up to me to find where he was in the house.

The first time he was splayed out on his dining room table. Nekkid. I sat right at the table and had myself a feast. I just layed on his side while I sat on a dining room chair and sucked his 7" prong. This is a quiet guy - so I don't expect verbal encouragement or beration (is that a word?). Some labored breathing as he got close - the splats of sperm into my mouth. When I was done w/my meal, w/out a word I got up from the table and left.

The next time I walked in and there was a homemade gloryhole right at the kitchen. The set-up to the house is - a hall from the front door to the kitchen entrance. So with the glorhole at that entrance my back was to the main door. A crude hole was cut out from the plywood. His dick already through the hole. I slid to my knees and took it like a pro. Growing up, as a cocksucker, on glorholes, this remains one of my favorite ways to feed. Granted knowing this was a safe place and who was actually on the other side of the hole took some of the edge off - but still brings back fond memories.


Anyhooo - I'm sucking his dick making him press further into the partition to get more of his cock down my throat when the doorbell rings. He doesn't move and I realize that anyone at the door could in theory see me on my knees in front of this glorhole. My feeder tells me to answer the door. I hadn't pulled out my dick but I was more then tented. The guy thinks I live there and that I was cruising on line for a mouth. It wasn't me - but MY feeder. I tell him to wait and go back to what I'm doing. Now and again, I'd steal a glance but this guy wasn't clever enough to look through the door window to see me. It's freezing out - but he stays put. Waiting for someone (anyone) to return. I finish my guy off - swallowing all of his seed and head to the door. I didn't know what to do, so I told the guy "I'm done - he's all yours". Maybe my feeder had a 2nd load in him - I don't know.

The third Friday I walk in the door and right into him. Dressed head to toe in leather. Boots to hat. He stands on the steps that lead to the bedrooms but makes me take him all in before forcing me to my knees. I get a great facefucking from him. I love holding onto a good pair of boots while sucking a leatherman. Feeling from tip to top. It's such a sensual and sexual thing for me. If they want to take it farther on USING those boots on me - it's fine. Not my place to suggest or demand. I do hope my appreciation of the boots would tip them off. That day it did not. I did get his load as he slammed my very willing mouth though.


The fourth Friday was finding him working out in only a jock. I ended up laying on the weight bench w/him feeding me from above. Deep dicking me - but to where I could take it no issue. But like I've said in many other posts - I have had a bit of practice. He was sweaty and rank. I ate his hole to prove that. Then he got my legs up for a nice little buttfuck session. He had no intention of finishing there though. He pulled out - let my legs drop and pushed back into my mouth. HUGE load - but I got it all. I always do.

The last Friday in our routine was out of the house. He told me to come to his garage - which is almost behind the house (still attached) on a slope that goes under the house. He was there - dick out. It was cold too. Late December. I sucked him for a bit. On my knees on the cold cement. After a bit he pulled me up and bent me over a car in the garage. He buggered me right there. No mercy. It didn't take long. My guess is it couldnt be. My guess is there was somone IN the house. This time he didn't finish in my mouth. He kept it buried up my ass as he pushed my face into the trunklid of the car. He pulled out quickly and pulled up his sweat pants and told me he was done. (no shit!) As I got in my car, I see the mailman standing in the driveway w/a grin on his face. As I approach to drive past him, he gives a sly wink. What DID he see?? And why didn't he join in??

Well....I have an email out to my holiday friend. Maybe.........just maybe..................

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