Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Homo Depot

I love Home Depot. Maybe it is for the way things there are rough and unfinished. The materials. The plans. The men. Everything is a fucking work in progress - all for unfulfilled dreams.

A Home Depot in town is exceptionally cruisy. At least the bathrooms and the surrounding area leading up to the restrooms. You know.....where the lurkers might hang to see who comes and goes from there? This one also seems to have a high number of contractors who go in and out of the store. Manly men. Something you'd expect to see in a Honcho magazine pictoral or lame Falcon video.

Alas, the story I tell is not about this Home Depot, but one much closer to me. The prior one is in a 100% white neighborhood. I pride myself that I live in a much more diverse neighborhood. It's more eclectic and lively. This Home Depot doesn't have the contractors - but true do-it-yourselfers. There isn't the advertising on the bathroom stalls like there is in the cruisy one. But - I never miss an opportunity to check out a restroom. It's something in my nature - the possibility of what might/could happen.

I've never had (or seen) anything remotely inappropriate at my HD. So imagine my surprise when I was in a stall and a guy next to me tapped his foot. I was curious, so I tapped back. Some might know that this can go on for what seems like hours - but clearly this guy didn't have that kind of time.

He slid to his knees and pushed under the partition his cock. His big black cock. I'm guessing a little over 8" - nicely thick that curved to the right (his right). "ssssuck it" he hissed. I tried my best - but it was a tight fit in that stall. I got the head and about half of the shaft in my mouth. But he curved so much my head when into the toilet in my stall.

It was short lived as someone came in anyway. We sat back down and straightened ourselves up...still sitting in our respective stalls. After the coast seemed clear - he was pushing it under. I reached down and stroked it w/my spit soaked hand. He was closer than I ever imagined or I would have gotten down there. As it was - he unload a HUGE amount of jizz on my hand and into my palm. "Fuuuuuuuuck" he said as I tried to milk it all.

He got himself together in a hurry and made a beeline for the door. I licked my hand clean and then went back to getting what I needed IN the store. I got what I wanted IN the bathroom. Kind of.

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