Friday, December 30, 2005

Head Colds

'Tis the season I guess - but man do they suck. Which means - I don't.

Well, I could - but I wouldn't be at my best. Not only do I not want to give a guy a possible cold - but I really really want to do a good job when I give head.

Pulling off a shaft every few bobs or strokes to gasp for breath is ok when they are trying to choke you - but not when you just can't breathe through your nose. Amateur hour, for me, was over a long time ago.

It's just bad timing of course. In the last few days I've had a number of new guys contact me looking for a little action. The goal is to give them a good time so they become semi-regulars. That - and I am sooooooooo starved for it. Not necessarily the end result - but the entire process. The hunt. The zipper going down. The feel of the dick going in my mouth.....and possibly growing after it's in there (many times it's already erect before taking it in). The tastes, textures and smells are all different on each guy.

Naturally I do like the reaction I get from my abilities. The verbal and non. And the power my little ole mouth has to make a man ejaculate. a guy ejaculate. I'm tired of people saying the bottom always has the true power. It's not true. It is as much in the feeder/giver/top's own mind to get that thing to cum. I do not kid myself into thinking I am that great an powerful.

....just a guy who knows his place - and is happy there.

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