Friday, December 02, 2005

Snow Snow Snow

We're getting a lot of snow today. The first true snow of the season. I'm guessing 6-7" at this point - and now let up.

As I look out my office window I think about being a teenager - and how after finding the parks near where I grew up (still not too far from here) even snow wasn't a deterent for cruising and finding dick.

I guess the difference would be, that treking back into the woods, it was easy to find people, just follow their prints.

I can remember a number of times being cold, but still w/my jeans down past my ass taking it from some stranger who you could almost assure was away from the wife and kiddies. He had no problem just delivering his needs on a cold day to a complete stranger. A kid stranger. Clearly the kid was receptive too.

You never got much of an audience on those days...and it was always hit or miss...even moreso than any good warm day. But the ones who did show were committed to the cause.

I'm still committed - but just having discovered some of these parks, I haven't really been in winter. If it weren't for my office holiday party tonite, I might just check it out.....though I'm not dressed like I normally would be. Slogging through the snow in wingtips and a $600 suit doesn't seem prudent. But i'm sure some would say getting fucked anonymously in the woods in 20 degree weather isn't either.

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