Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lthrman II

Well, there was a repeat. It broke my dry spell at least.

My posting 10 days ago, or so, of our last encounter was ok...but not much more. This one was about the same. Leaving my door unlocked...beer on the counter.

This time though - he came upstairs b/c there is no VCR downstairs and he didn't like my choice of DVD porn. He wanted Jeff Stryker type porn. Do I have it - sure. Am I proud of that - well...it was a time in my life when I copied everything i ever rented. So I have a good-sized collection - though I wouldn't call it a good collection.

He left me the option of what I wanted to wear: a full suit or full leather. I opted for the latter. I was in a suit all day. I wasn't going back there.

The porn was playing when he walked up. I was in all leather on the bed waiting. He stood next to the bed and hauled out his cock. For all his faults - his dick ain't one of them. BEAUTIFUL. Just a nice big, thick piece of meat. Straight shaft. Thick shaft. Proportional head. I love going down on it. I love the fact that I can take the entire thing - all 8.5".

He was clearly more interested in the porn than the cocksucker. Not that he should be interested in me as a person - but me as a service would have been ok. Jeff Stryker does NOTHING for me - so I don't see the appeal.

But I stayed at the task at hand - or mouth, as the case may be. It took maybe 30 min. No real build up to his climax. It just happened. Not a big one, but a bitter one. I still took it all. I always take it all.

Dry spell or not - I'm not inclined to keep entertaining this. We'll see how dry my next spell is - and if he calls and how the two correlate.

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