Friday, December 09, 2005


I had such high hopes for a trick from last night. W/an email address that includes 'lthrman' in it, I got my expectations up there. To further complicate the situation, he kept talking about 'fit guys' and how he would be late to my place b/c he has to spend 2hrs at the gym.

Of course, my fault, I thought he wanted to spend 2 hrs at the gym. More likely he needed to spend 2 hrs at the gym. Don't get me wrong - he was nice looking. 42. But for all his determination about needing to be w/a fit guy (which I'm not - just an average build), you'd think he was a vain, yet defined stud. The guy was a little flabby.

What he did have going for him was right between the legs. I'm sure it's gotten him pretty far. 8.5", as advertised. And THICK. No flab there. Rock hard! A nice straight shaft that I had no trouble taking the entire length. Though I guess one could argue that I have had a lot of practice!

As instructed, I left my door unlocked. A beer on the counter for him. He'd find me on my knees in a room where he could use poppers and watch porn. I had no previous picture of him - so I was acting on blind faith (or is that stupidity?). He had his beer. He dropped his sweats. I got him erect in a minute.

Though he claimed to be verbal - he was anything but. Though he had 'lthrman' in his email - he had none with him - and turns out owns very little. What he did have was a beautiful prick that shot a nice 2 day load (why do I always feel compelled to ask how long they've been storing it up?). Naturally, I took every fuckin drop. It's what I do.

What he wants - or says he wants - is someone he can use now and again. I can do that unless down the road he proves to be a flake. He also said he wanted to see me suck off a few guys - again, I can do that. The last thing is, he'd like me to suck him while a big black man (though he used a much more derogatory word) fuck my ass at the same time. If he can arrange, I can be there. I try no to disappoint.

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