Sunday, January 27, 2008

101 Positions

Yes - I'm out of town again.

And of course, you know what that means: play time. Or hopefully so.

This time I am out in the suburbs. The underbelly of repressed sexual activity. You always think it will be slower out here and it is just not true. One placed ad got me a number of responses than I sometimes get in the big metropolis.

Like the city, there are a lot of look-see guys and flakes too. But some do come through. Or cum through, as the case may be.

The first guy in his pic seemed like a bohemian 20-something. Different for me, but I bit - so to speak. He hemmed and hawed until he finally said he was on his way. Then of course, I got a call from my staff here and they were almost ready to go out to dinner. FUCK.

He showed and I told him I had 5 minutes and could he do it in that time. He could. He did. He was a as bohemian as his pic looked and a LOT shorter. Maybe 5'5". Maybe. And his dick was about the same.....well....5.5". But thick.

I did my duty since he made the trek and went down on him. He swears it was his first time trying poppers, but you just never know if they're telling the truth. It was a smallish load, but not a bad one.

After dinner, most of the other guys who were interested just one.

5'8", 165lbs, dark hair (a little greying) - was actually mostly grey, not that that bothered me - love to lick manholes. all top.

He came over and called from the parking lot. I left the door unlocked and got myself on the bed. I put poppers and lube next to the bed, but one of them would never be used.

I heard the door open, close and then lock. He stripped down out of eyesight. He was ok, but nothing spectacular by any means. However, his emails et al were so on the mark, the looks were tertiary by this point. He was more grey than he said, but a full head of it. A little paunch, but overlookable - especially when you looked down at his semi-hard dick, which was bigger than most people's hard hard dick.

Fully erect, I'm guessing 8", but very thick. And veiny.

Yes, he put his tongue on my manhole, but barely in it. Though he was enamored of the hole itself. He went to work on it with his fingers and thumb. Inserting one or the other, or multiple in as he could. Then he played with my nipples, so you know it was all over then. I was giving him anything he wanted.

I told him the lube was on the table, he told me he doesn't use it. Precum is his only source of lubricant. Oddly enough, I wasn't nervous - even when I knew his size. I still find spit to be such a great turn-on as lube, this is only one more step out from that.

Now, I don't precum much, so I would worry if it were me, but I've been with guys that it is like a faucet. He was somewhere in between.

But he worked me open enough for me to take it. And let's face it, I'm a trooper when it comes to taking dick. I did take a hit of poppers but it was almost not needed for any relaxation.

We started with me on my side and it was good. Then he flipped me on my stomach and buried my face in the pillows and just bottomed out in me. And went to town too. The guy just hammered away. And I took it like a champ. He clearly knew what he was doing.

But we went at it from top, bottom, side, side of bed and on all fours. After about 40 minutes I was begging for him to unload. I think he would have gone longer, but I really did want it. No - NEEDED it.

He got me more on my stomach again, but twisting me to the side just so. I can't say I was on my side though. He got my leg into a position he could really slam into me over and over again. With a mighty groan, I knew what he was doing.....though he never said it. Which is kind of a shame because I do like to hear some nasty talk when that happens.

But on the other hand, sometimes it does not need to be said - and shouldn't. People start to balk at what is going on - and it should happen regardless. There are times it is too late to turn back no matter what the other party then wants.

Wrong? Perhaps in someways. But necessary in others.

So, I'm going to bed full. And slightly sore. I'll be the only one who ever notices.

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