Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ethinic Hook Ups

The thing about DC is, that there is a plethora of ethnic places to eat - and I'm not talking about restaurants. Just a lot of any kind of dark meat you'd like - from light tan to ebony. You also have asian fare, if you're into that - for me, that's not high on my list.

I don't have a 'thing' for black dick, but there is something appealing about that. I could put my finger on it it, I guess. As control issues go, there is something about being subservient to a black man. any man.....and only to a degree. But yes, something about being it with a black man.


33 6,1, 190, 9c nice phat load - is what the ad read for the above picture. I took the bait - literally. Hook. Line. Sinker.

I will say, the dick was much more impressive in real life than the photo every hinted. The man it was attached to was also impressive. He carried himself with a certain attitude, but not in a bad way. I think if you've read this blog with any consistency, you'll know I like that kind of thing - even more than the looks of a guy, or the size of his member.

We pretty much put myself in every position imaginable so he could feed me his dick. He also gave me a really really big load. But then I couldn't get rid of him. He insisted on pissing before he left and must have made a half dozen unsuccessful attempts. I was a little nervous he wouldn't leave.


The next morning, the above man answered one of my ads to be fed a hot protein breakfast. He replied with the above picture and description - 5'9" 173 masc-in shape -discrete/private- ddf- suit & tie black guy- 40.

Though clearly the man has an incredible cock - honestly, it was the suit & tie thing that got me hot. You probably could have seen my face drop when he showed up in sweats and a t-shirt (it was REALLY warm in DC last week).

Yes, his thick long dick made up for any lack of suit - but man, to see that thing just hang out of his open fly would have been so hot! And let me tell you - that thing was a hole splitter.

Sure he answered an ad to get sucked off, but he was very well built and changed his mind after we stripped down. I like when guys do that and try to manipulate the situation to get their rocks off their way. ....or to think they do.

In reality, I did post an ad to get fed, but left a nice pic of my ass on said ad. Not quite subliminal, but suggestive and that is what I'm guessing he responded to.....and for.

He had me on my back on the bed and just teasing me with his cock. But he also played with my nipples, which is just a sure way to get me to spread my legs. Maybe he knew that. Maybe it was luck. But he got them open.

Though he asked me if I had a rubber, it didn't really stop him when I said 'no'. Technically, it was a lie. For whatever reason, I do carry them with me, but would only pull them out if I really really really wanted the cock and only if they really really really insisted on not doing it raw. You can usually count on two of those 'reallys'' disappearing once the pants are off and the cock is hard.

He was a good looking man, though he had the greenest eyes - almost translucent. It was an odd thing - like he was looking through me. And maybe he did - which is how he knew what he could do without ever really asking.

Thick and curved was his dick - as you can see. Though he handled it like a pro. Or I'm just a slut. Or perhaps a little of both. He had to get to work, as did I - so it was all business. No playing.....nothing but dick pumping in an ass.

He did a good job - and I did a good job taking it. At least I think. I could tell you to ask him, but I don't think I'll give out his contact information. In matter of 15 minutes or so - it was all over. Him getting off. Me taking it. Then me taking a shower, suiting up and hitting the Metro.

With part of him still in me.

But what trip wouldn't be complete without a tour of south of the border?

"Ken" was 28, 5'11", 210lbs, black hair, brown eyes. The man was solid! Not fat, but it would be like moving a semi by pushing him with bare hands.

The dick was small, but he was a confident fucker. He could move me around at will with ease. You gotta like that. And he had a huge load, which he opted to deposit on my dick and in my pubes. Yes, a waste of a load (in my mind), but I would do him again, with the chance of doing more.

I like to experiment - so it's all good!

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gator said...

I'm a total newbie to your stories/
postings, BG13, but will be visiting
often; they're just flat HOT!