Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late Nite Shenanigans

After a dinner with a friend while working in town, I trolled on-line for dick. Yes yes....feign your shock elsewhere. Your mock indignation goes nowhere with the likes of me. We're almost 200 posts into this blog. It's not like I hold back or tell only the good stuff. I'm pretty much an open-book with most of this shit.

Anyway - the dick below (I have a face pic,, but can't really post that now, can I?) answered me and was looking to get off. It took some email exchange, but it finally happened.

What also happened is that I invited someone else over before I knew this guy ("Brent") would accept the invite. Brent showed first.


Clearly coming from a bar, he was a little drunk and he also like to smoke - as he reeked of it. But once he was out of his clothes only his hands smelled like it. He was short. Not shorter, but short. Maybe 5'6". For a guy who stands close to 6'3", he's short. I didn't notice it much on my knees or back.

When I let Brent in, I told him another man might be coming over and left the door slightly ajar. I was at the complete end of the hall, no one was making their way down there unless absolutely necessary. All the lights were off in the room save the bathroom light....and the lights of Thomas Circle.

I was down on my knees and taking Brent's cock all the way down. Because he was drunk, I believe that is why it took a while to get him up. But trust me, I did my job and he became rock solid.

We both heard the door open and close, but neither of us looked. Isn't that kind of the way it should be? It was about the scene - not the person per se. He came behind Brent and was doing lord knows what to him, but he seemed to like it.

I never did get a good look at the guy. He came in between Brent's legs and tried to suck on my dick while I was working my mouth over Brent's. That wasn't my thing. I wanted to get these guys off - it's what they both came over for.

We moved around and ended up on the bed - me still not seeing this guy. Brent stood next to the bed while I was on my back eating his dick. The other guy went to mine and I let him for awhile.....but I didn't want to ejaculate. So I pushed him off.

I will say that Brent and I got a little into each other - enough for the other guy to walk out the door. I never saw him (again/still), but heard the door close. And then we went at it.

More sucking. Face getting fucked. ...and then Brent started playing with my nipples - which is always a bad sign. Or a good one. I've said it here before, it just makes me wanna take it up the ass. And even though I told him to stop because of that rationale, I equally (if not more so) told him so he would continue and to plant the seed of fucking me - pun fully intended.

He talked like he wanted to, but somewhat resisted. I kept saying, no problem, but it would feel so good. He wanted protection, I told him I didn't have any because I thought it was just going to be a blowjob.

He laid back and I do think he wanted me to take control of the situation and just sit on him - but I didn't do it. Eventually he took the lead and had me on my back and just pushed himself in.

Soon, his manscaped pubes were pressed against my ass. The 60 minutes of edging didn't leave us much time after he was in. He was pretty primed, so I'm guessing he only last 5-6 minutes. He ended up unloading on a out stroke, but pushed it back in for the big finish.

It was kind of hot and I talked him to the door, finally seeing that I was a good head & shoulders above him, height-wise. He emailed numerous times for a follow-up, but I had moved on and looked for someone new.

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