Monday, January 21, 2008

Truck Stop

You guys who read this know I'm not about posting xtube-like videos. It's not my thing normally. I'm about my real-life experiences, good or bad.

But as you also might know, I never say 'never'. I feel compelled to do such a thing today, as I stumbled across two, but totally related, vids over at BareDerek.

The guy taking IT, made me envious to be him. While watching, I was overcome with such weird feelings of horniness and jealousy that it wasn't me getting just the way he was and from the guys he was taking it from.

There is the HOT guy (military haircut), the big-dicked guy, the fat-dicked guy and the mohawked guy. Actually, all are pretty hot. I love the sub-titles of more real dialogue than you'd get in any other fuckin porn movie. It could have been hotter when the fuckee 'complained they were tearing up his ass if the guys said 'they didn't care'.....but they didn't.

...and though all bareback, and I understand the need for the money shot, I do like how the third guy (HOT guy) unloads up him, whereas the others shot on his hole then pushed it all in.

Note the only guy who doesn't shoot into his ass - Mohawk guy. In the first clip, it's brief, but it's there: the bio-hazard tat between his shoulder blades. Call me twisted, but it is fucking hot. Only a shame he didn't deposit his load up that slut's ass.

Anyway. Enjoy the vids. I know I did. I know I'll be watching them over and over.

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rawTOP said...

Great videos... That's EXACTLY how bottoms should be... Hungry to get fucked and bred. And yeah, too bad the biohazard tat guy didn't deposit his load nice and deep in the bottom's gut...

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

Those are some very hot vids. That bottom was a hungry fucking pig--could see it in his eyes. Loads should always be deposited in either: 1) a warm ass, or 2) a warm mouth, in THAT ORDER of priority. I too wish that biohazard tatt guy had bred that pig's boy cunt.

soma said...

Those were some TIM actors...and some TIM traits like screen names and subtitles...but that's not a TIM film...who's the studio? Whatever it is it's hot.

Lick it and stick it...spit and shove...whatever you call's the only way. I get off on getting and giving that initial moment of "ahhhh, shit, what the fuck"...and without lube, where ever you are, you're ready to fuck.

soma said...

I spoke too's "Sperm Bank" by TIM.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

That video is way hot! Lucky guy!