Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been traveling for work for about a year now. Can you imagine that in that time I've run out of available new men?

I find it hard to believe - and I'm sure I haven't. But this last trip I had two repeats. Kind of three.....but that last one is the next post.

What kills me is that these guys either didn't remember hooking up with me or didn't let on. Why should they? I knew (after they got there), but I never let on.

Oddly enough - both guys were from the same trip, possibly the same day. These guys also were on the same day for this trip. The coincidence was not lost on me.

The first guy was Gerry. Or Jerry. A married guy (to a woman) who also had a boyfriend. Impressive for that juggling - including holding a job and fucking me on the side. Well, not fucking - anything other than my face.

I get it - you're married and have another partner: you're not going to be unsafe. wah wah wah.

The guy was not really a looker (as I wrote about back in April or May), but he had the attitude and the cockiness to pull it all off. The dick was average, but it sure did pump out a nice load. And I do love it when it spews on my tongue and I can have it glide down my throat.

By the way - I love it when they won't fuck because it is deemed unsafe, but they have no qualms about putting their load down a guy's throat. Yes, transmission is lower etc, but the transmission is lower for the eater - it is zilch for the feeder - or the guy who wouldn't put it up your ass. They alllllllways think they're the clean ones.

But anyway - he promised to call and come by again when he could wrap it. He never did. And why? He got his nut and walked back to work. I was a distant memory before he hit the lobby.

The second guy I also didn't recognize from his pics. I did the second I opened the door.

Italian, nice dick, nice body - though a little on the thin side. Potentially he had the right attitude, but acted more like a dead fish the entire time he was there.

So I opted not to play.

Could I have gotten off? Maybe. Should I have? Not really.

There is being a bottom and there is someone being there with zero interest. I didn't get it. I don't get it.

He was like that the last time too. I did work out a huge load, but this time it didn't seem worth my time.

I kicked him out and went to look for other things.

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