Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Two Two Dicks in One

Once again, I posted an ad on craigslist and got a number of responses. Two responded to me that piqued my interest.

One was a repeat from my last trip to DC. Married stud, all of 33 years old, who lasted all of 2 minutes (tops) with the head I gave him. Handsome face. Beautiful dick. Just overexcited. He apologized, but with all else he had going for him, he was easy to forgive.

Last time, he expressed interest in watching me suck someone else - as he had never seen it before. He had also mentioned watching me get fucked. I was so ok with both these things. Not only for him, but especially. As you know from here, I do like an audience.

The other guy was hot in pics, though he provided no stats. I'll guess he was around 6'4", football player-ish build, 200 pounds or so, a very nice smooth chest (which I'm not usually a fan of smooth, but he pulled it off), and a beautiful 8" cut dick.


Only after did he come over, had his dick out and me down on it, did I bother to mention someone else might be coming over too. I told him not to worry, as I had been with him before and he was more than ok.

I had been working on this guy's cock for about 10 minutes, taking every fucking inch, not only on my own, but sometimes with his help, when there was a knock on the door. Opening without ever looking through the peep hole, I let Mr. Repeat in.

Immediately we both go back to the big-dicked man standing, waiting for my/our return. Respectfully, Mr. Repeat stood at a distance while I took a hit of poppers and dropped back to my rightful place. Mr. Repeat was in awe. I did not see his reaction, but I heard it: the inhale of breath as he saw me deep throat the big-dicked man, his reaching out and asking if he could feel his chest. He got approval.

Mr. Big Dick told Mr. Repeat to take out his dick. Then he told me to go down on it. Not that I wouldn't have done it anyway, but it's nice to have direction. Mr. Repeat has a nice cock too. Not quite as big or thick, but such a huge head. I wasn't on it long before the feeder pushed me off it. Once again, he was close. Too close. I held off.

He ended up going over to the bed where he lay back watching us. We moved closer to give him a better show. Mr. Big Dick fed me and I took it. Unfortunately, Mr. Repeat started playing with himself and it didn't take him long to lose control. But we were all aware of it. And so not to muss his suit (yeah, like that was the reason), I went over and took him to the root. He left no question that he was getting his nut.

Mr. Big Dick leans over and tell me in a low, but clear tone, "don't you fuckin' miss a drop. drink it all." And I do. I do it as much for him as I do for Mr. Repeat, as I do for my own selfish gain. Let's face it, I'm not completely altruistic.

Almost immediately, I was coaxed back onto my unshot feeder. While I was down there, Mr. Repeat zipped up his suit pants and I heard the door close. Not even a 'thank you'! Fuck - not like I ever expect it from a feeder. Truth be told - it is hot never being acknowledged that way.

MBD just held my head and pumped his meat in my mouth. Suddenly, he pulled away. I knew he was very very close. He did too. Actually, he knew he was going to shoot, but wasn't going to let me have it. He kept me at arms length until he was ready. Then he took that arm and popped into his palm. I was devastated. I worked hard for it and took a lot of time and turned down others to get it.

Luckily, he didn't keep me fully deprived. With most of the seed still cupped there. He told me to 'open up' and then tilted his hand until his sperm ran into my mouth which remained agape. It was a big load and I know I didn't get it all. When he shot, some flew past his palm and into the carpet. Naturally, some of it clung to his hand - and while I offered and was willing to clean that off, he opted to just wash his hands in the bathroom.

Taking a queue from Mr. Repeat, he threw on his pants and hit the door without a word. I just lay in the bed....stroking my extremely hard dick, waiting for him to exit the bathroom.

I knew I wouldn't cum. Not that way. But he didn't. Nor did he care. He got what he wanted. But truly - so did I.

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