Sunday, May 11, 2008

2nd Vegas Married Guy

Different guy. Different hotel. Different day. Much hotter scene than last post.

Via what was probably a same craigislist ad, I got a message from a guy who was interested in me helping him out. Unfortunately, he was not in town yet. He was heading to Vegas from Miami for a buddy’s wedding.

34 yr, 5'7'' 170 lbs musc/masc. Looking to drop a load tonight or tomorrow.

Either he was confused about his arrival date/time, or I was, but I was surprised and not expecting when he sent a text message saying he was in his hotel and just waking up. If you haven’t been to Vegas, the Strip is longer than it looks and the distance between point A and B are far between. So when he told me he was up near the Stratosphere, I muttered to myself ‘fuck’. It was easily a 60 minute walk or a $20 cab ride. I opted for the latter.

The guy said he was just waking up (it was 11a) because he got in the night before and was out all night. Aaaahhhh Vegas.

I told him to leave his door open, but he wasn't cool with that. He answered, naked as the day he came into the world and except for his pubes, with about as much body hair.

The guy was hispanic or latin. I would have said italian from the picture he provided. But he was more handsome in person than that picture led me to believe.

His cock was a nice 7.5" uncut with a decent size thickness - and veiny, as you can see here (along with my big ole schnoz).


This guy was also married - which I love. I'm always amused at the guys who will post ads saying they don't want married men. Who cares? Dick is dick. And guys lie. All of us.

But this guys just wasn't married, he was a man-whore. Or a man-slut, I should say. I'd know. I got that pot/kettle thing going on. The guy's wife was not with him, but when I sunk to my knees and taken him in my mouth, it was clear he'd been with some woman not that long ago. Two of my five senses told me this.

He must have known I had figured it out too. Almost immediately he began to brag about the 'chick' he banged just a few hours before. As I sucked, though his talk was low, he went on about how he met her and put "it" to her, including leaving a load deep in her - just like he was going to to do with my mouth.

I truly believe the guy was as straight as you could be while still getting a blowjob from a guy. But this was a guy who didn't seemingly care who got him off - wife, random casino chick, or on-line fag. No strings, no hassle cum dumping was where this guy was coming from. And you could tell, he had no problems in this area probably since the time he could ejaculate. He had the dick and the demeanor.

And though gay guys can be self-centered when it comes to sex, there is something about a straight guy when all he wants his his rocks off. And it's not just not caring about his partner (and he normally doesn't), but it's more about only caring about himself. If you can deal with that on the receiving end - you're golden.

Part of that is their lack of finesse - no matter which hole they are plugging. They treat them all the same.

This guy used his dick like a battering ram in my mouth. If tonsils can actually be bruised, I'm sure by the end of our session, mine would be black and blue. He's mutter time and time again "c'mon" - meaning - get it all down there and keep it there. He was big on cutting off my air supply. Though I didn't necessarily gag, I came close to it - and he loved it. But he also really liked seeing me attempt to take more and keep it there for elongated periods of the point where tears would run out of my eyes.

He'd pull out for a moment or two, just to smack my face with his cock. Or to let me really get my tongue under his foreskin.

And not only was he ok when I asked if I could take a pic of me on his cock, he ran with it. He grabbed the camera, and like an expert, took a series of pictures of me servicing him. 41 in all. All effortless for him....and almost all capturing a good shot. Sure, some were just ok, but I doubt this was his first time around sex and a camera at the same time.

It did get to the point he had to meet his wedding buddies. With laser focus, there was no more playing around for him - not that I really thought there was before. But as he put it - he wanted to fuck my throat like he did the 'pussy' last night. And that's what I'm guessing I was to him.

For momentary flashes, I felt sorry for the woman he fucked (or brutalized) a few hours before. He was a man with a mission - but so was I. He had a load to get off - I had one to swallow.

We both got what we wanted. Sure, it wasn't a huge load, but you know I'm more about a guy with an attitude - and he had it.

By the time I walked out of that room, my face covered in drying/dried spit (my own), his cock was clean - no woman smells or tastes left on it.

Win. Win. Win.

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