Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Watched

Since it was a holiday weekend, I left work a few hours early on Friday just because - and of course, to see what kind of trouble I might get into.

The first park I went to was a bust. One hot looking guy, until he opened his mouth and a few thousand essessesessess fell out. Even if he never said another word, the moment was ruined.

I traveled across town to another park, which was a little more active, but less so than I thought it might be. I finally followed an ok looking guy back into the woods. Shaved head, maybe 6'4" or so. He ventured far into the woods, but I don't think it was far enough for him. He was a little skittish, though no one could truly sneak up on you. Or so I thought.

Some guy all of the sudden showed up out of nowhere. I didn't recognize him at first, but I'll get back to that later.

The second guy walks by and though I lose sight of him, my trick does not. I'm not quite as worried and eventually my guy starts rubbing my crotch. I almost instantly go hard. I ask him what he likes and he likes to get sucked and fucked! Yes!!!! My kind of guy.

He pushes me to come home with him and spend the night, but I defer saying I couldn't possibly. So he whips out his cock. BEAUTIFUL.

He is uncut with a large helmet head. And it doesn't matter how hard he is or big he gets (eventually over 8"), there is always enough skin to play with.

When I peel it back, he is slick as any lube would ever get you. That big helmet is shiny and slimy. One or two strokes and the palm of my hand is covered. I lick it clean. Then I drop to my knees - in the dirt. I don't care in the slightest.

He loves that I can take him to the root - and I like that I can too. But for all his talk of wanting to spend the night together, it isn't 4-5 minutes of constant sucking before he grabs my head with both his hands and holds me there tight.........and then begins to shoot his load.

It's a good load, but not a great one - in size or in taste, but you take what you get.

Immediately he bolts and I start to wander out of the woods. I barely move 10 feet when I see the guy who walked by earlier. He was watching the entire time - and you know I like to be watched. I guess I should perform with guys on the premise that I'm always being watched.

It was then I recognized him. He has shown up here now and again as a voyeur, usually with sunglasses and a coffee mug. He had neither of these items this time. Normally he also gets a little closer for the show, but maybe he sensed my sex partner's trepidation. I don't know. But in another moment, he had disappeared. I've never seen his dick and he's always turned me down for assistance in the ejaculation world.

One day maybe. One day.


Anonymous said...

In general, bike guy, I am a huge fan of your blog. I would love to meet you sometime. I would also love to have a look at ya!

Anonymous said...

by the way, i can be found on manhunt if you are ever in pennsylvania...more info forthcoming if that really interests you....

Jo Kristian said...

I agree, much of the fun of having sex outdoors, is knowing someone may be watching. I love that.

Great blog!