Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love Spring.

Besides just the fact that we climb out of the winter doldrums, things start to turn green – mainly certain parks in the area.

Though those same parks can still be utilized for outdoor ‘activities’ in the winter, the guys that show up, are few and far between. And the ones that do, we’ll they are usually not worth dropping to your knees in the snow, or bending over in the cold for.

The same can be said for warm weather guys – but you usually have a few more options to pick from. It is always a buyer’s market in these places.

But we have green on the trees, but nothing fully filled in at this point. Enough for some substantial cover as needed. And this last Saturday was warm out. Well, kind of. The temperature was maybe in the mid-50s. ……but I’ll take it.

I decided to drive to one of the parks to see what was what. At first I was bolstered by the number of cars in this one lot. It was great to see folks out, but it turns out only one was there for the same reason I showed up. The rest were in the river, in their waders – fishing.

I was there to fish too – but with someone else’s pole and someone else’s bait. And I certainly wanted it to be more than a worm. But fishing expeditions can turn out to be a lot like The Old Man and the Sea – you troll around for hours and come up with nothing.

Saturday was not one of those days. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever ‘caught’ (I may as well just keep running this fishing analogy into the ground – right?), but it was far from being the worst.

I park and take a walk deep into the wood. Deeper than I had been before in this park. I don’t know what I was hoping to find – well I do, but… I figured at some point, maybe everyone was out there looking for real fish. Then somewhat ahead, I see a guy who is there.

After some walking and skirting around what was what, I look over and he’s got his cock out. Now, even from 200 yds away it looks nice. He’s kind of bland – maybe 5’8”, 150 lbs, with a bowl type haircut that makes him look like a friar who wasn’t attending any religious services. He stays put and I move closer…..and closer.

As I draw near, I see that his cock is absolutely great. Almost 8” and a very very nice thickness. Cut too – but I can go either way on that one. And it’s a bonus when he says he’s out there to get sucked. It is usually my luck that the only other guy wants to blow me.

As much as I love doing it outdoors, I’m a little wary of doing it there due to park rangers and the general straight fishing population. But as long as one of us kept a watch, I was down with it. I sunk to my knees and went to town on his cock. He loved it.

After a few minutes I stood up to survey the landscape to make sure he was paying attention to the surroundings and not to only the blowjob. You gotta multi-task in places like this.

His tube easily filled my mouth and I took care of this cock. He was on edge too, but a sexual one. He kept saying he had a huge huge load - and I suppose it is all relative.

He did shoot, but it was a very very small load. Don't get me wrong, I took it. I wanted it. I needed it. But I know from big loads - and this wasn't it.

We both went our separate ways and I headed to another area of the park. There was another guy there who headed down a path. I gave him a little lee-way and then trotted back there myself.

The guy was older, probably early 50s and just ok. When I got back to where he was, his pants were open and dick was already out. It hung nice at about 6-7" soft-ish.

This guy really wanted to swap oral, but I wasn't sure I wanted to shoot. But he insisted on licking my nuts. I let him get to his knees and do just that. It satisfied his need and didn't endanger me into ejaculating.

I got on my knees and told him, "I haven't done this often", which seemed to excite him. I 'tentatively' put his dick in my mouth and he just took over. He started pushing it in and basically face fucking me.

Honestly, in a mattter of a minute he unleashed a more than decent load into me.

I got off my knees, tucked in and walked away.

I drove away with two of my first outdoor Spring loads in me. It was good.


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Maybe you shouldn't use the term "trolling", lol...

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