Saturday, May 31, 2008

Verve Earth I get contacted by this site called who wants to add me to their list of preferred blogs.

Your blog Adventures with BikeGuy13 - True Tales of a Sex Addict caught our attention. I'm the founder of a recently launched startup for bloggers. We are searching the internet for the world's blogs by geography, and we found yours for Cleveland. I would like to invite you to our site which plots the content of the internet on an interactive map of the world. VerveEarth is an entirely new way to surf the net. It shows spatial and geographic connections that a blog search engine could never reveal.

I went to their site and looked at who was linked spatially and such and found no blogs that were remotely like mine. And whereas I like and want additional traffic, I would have been remiss had I not sent them some kind of response as to my blog content:

I'm interested for sure - but i've perused some of your other blogs listed and maybe I have missed ones similar to mine - but clearly you've seen either my blog or at least my blog title.
I will assume you're not going only on geography. My blog is fairly explicit, but I'm willing to entertain the idea if you are comfortable with what I am writing.

I never heard anything back from them - until today:

Thanks for writing back. We use various blog directories to find candidates for an invitation. Since we welcome blogs of any language (and we can't understand every language), we select blogs based on quantifiable factors such as how up to date the blog is, the length of posts, number of comments on posts, location, and other factors. Because of this, we are not always aware of the content.

Unfortunately, your blog's content is inappropriate for the site, but if you wish to add a different blog we'd be glad to have you.

There are still a few people who would be 'glad to have me'......but that is what this blog is for. Not another one.

And my content is inappropriate for most sites.

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