Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Too Good

I had another post almost finished, but thought I would do this one first.

Last night, I'm in a VA hotel and on a number of sites at the same time looking for action. This kid (24 years old) messages me and wants to play.

He's 5'11" and 200lbs, but he says it is an athletic 200 lbs. After multiple exchanges we get to the meat of the matter. He wants to suck, be sucked and make out.

Make out? Do people still use that phrase? Granted I'm not 24, but still.......

To be fair, look at his lips, they are nice, so I agree.

So I tell him where to come to. Not only does he show, but he's early. I am good with that since it's been awhile since I've gotten off. He arrives in a t-shirt, silkish workout shorts and athletic cross trainig shoes. We walk back to my bed (I was in a suite) and he's kind of shy and not knowing what to do or at least not want to make the first move.

We are on the bad, so I grab the back of his head and bring his lips to mine. They are nice lips!

He comes closer my way - almost on top of me to be specific and we proceed to make out. Kissing hard and passionate and then tender and soft. Tongue, then none. He's pressing into me. I can feel "him" on my leg, through his shorts...growing....erect.

We're doing this for maybe 10 minutes and naturally I want more, but suddenly he stops and says "oh no" and I see the look on his face. I know it's too late.

The guy starts cumming. On me. Well, WHILE on me. He's actually cumming in his shorts. I don't think he had any underwear or jock on. I could feel the heat of his sperm and somewhat of dampness, but I didn't get any actual semen on me.

The poor guy is mortified! Afterward, he just sat there. I don't know what he was thinking. I was thinking - if it were me and I had to walk out this hotel room in royal blue silk shorts with a huge dark cum would I do that discretely?

I tell him to go clean up and come back that it is no big deal. I also figure he's 24 and will rebound for round #2 quickly.

He goes to the bathroom but I hear no clean up. Maybe he is out in the front room. And he must be, because I hear the door open and close - and he's gone. Without a word.

Yes folks, it is official - I am SO hot, I can make a guy cum in his pants just by kissing him!!!!

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